A little of me. . .Gus A Hansen
Picture pages, picture pages. Lots of fun with picture pages. . .Here are a few pictures that say a little about me.
Click for ASU Resume
Click on this image to see my resume.
My girlfriend Laurie and I at my ASU graduation. (B.S. Mechanical Engineer)
Ted's family, minus his son, Nicholas.
To the True Church
This is the most complete picture of my family in over 7 years.  Missing, are my brother, Ted, and his family, and three brothers-in-law.
This is the Mesa Arizona Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I will be married in thie temple someday.  Click on the temple to learn more about the church.
Me and my truck "Seth" a few years ago.
"The Pool Rats" Bobby Carmona, Me, and Ben Layton in Bowie Arizona.  Ben and I were lifeguards, and played guitar when not on duty, to chase the boredom away.
This is my buddy, Jarred, and I playing at a talent show about 5 years ago. . .