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I am only going to put in projects that I got started or completed, otherwise I'd run out of space.

The Red Lady is still a work in progress. This is a model for a small production of fired clay body and lathe turned wheels. Overall about 15 inches long.

This is my Carbie project that started as a pile of old Model A brass Kingston Carburetors I had collected from Auctions. They were kinda neat and thought I would make this manifold stand and plumb in all the gas lines and make up some linkage to run the throttles. I had the big brass pressure gauge from another auction and made a new face for it to add to the "project".

This is the trike project that has been one of the most difficult ones I have taken on. The concept was to build a trike with the rear wheels that would lean with you into a turn. Along with this I was experimenting with a very low and completely different type of steering. This project is scaled at 4.5 to 1 and has a hand built Guzzi motor.

This was my third model I made with scrap metal from my shop. The Original Idea came from wanting to build a V6 cruiser. A friend of mine owns a Chrysler junk yard and visiting him one day I seen this drive train that I thought would work out pretty well for my V6 Cruiser idea. This is a model based on those thoughts along with a idea of using braided exhaust pipes. This model is all steel and has working suspension.

This was an idea I had some years ago when I was hill climbing. One of the most impractical things I thought of but still want to build a full scale working unit. I made this starting with the tires and worked from there. If I were to do this again I think it would be a little different but the same concept. I made a little model of a Morini V2 motor for this thing. It articulates in the middle with the handle bars and the chain drive also functions.

This is an old project that took a whole summer to complete. Click on this one and it will take you to another page with old projects that have been completed, some time ago.

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