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I quit my job!  I quit my job! And I've been smilin' nonstop.  I don't know what I'll do next but I'm enjoying the beautiful weather.
And here are some photos of people along the way.
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THANKS TO SCOTT who made the lovely, defamatory image below of my beloved cockatiel.  I love it!  Maybe he will also make a short film to follow-up.  Let's pray that he does.
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Now I have a cockatiel, despite the advice of Scott, who sent the following warning - ,

""According to the International Journal of Crypotozoology:

"Cockatiels, those perennial favorites of the pet stores, are avians that are perhaps best left to the wild or, as numerous scientists and activists would advocate, would best be eliminated from the world's species altogether.  Though popular due to their polychromatic plumage and flat, human-like feathres (the Cute Animal Effect), the cockatiel should never be marketed as a pet due to their razor-sharp beaks and diet of mammal blood.  These vamipiric avians can only be safely maintianed in zoos after they are chloroformed, debeaked and reawoken within steel rooms with 3" thick glass viewing ports.  However, if one is exceptionally courageous, then scientists would advise keeping cockatiels as pets only after they have been declawed, neutered, eaten and partly digested by some brave Congolese Crocodile, and then taxidermed (by a professional), and finally mounted in a steel room with 3" glass viewing ports.  The Society of International Cryptozoologists recommend purchasing the Congolese Tree Crocodile instead."

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