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Let Tom Filsinger take you where no other wrestling card game has gone before!

Champions Of The Galaxy is the futuristic wrestling card game on which the GWF is based. Since 1986 Tom has been releasing game editions to enhance and build your promotion. YOU are the promoter!

"Champions of the Galaxy is the best wrestling game ever made. The ring action is realistic and you'll feel like you're running your own wrestling federation."
- Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

For Champions Of The Galaxy bootleg cards make sure you come to ICOF first! Simply the best bootleg cards with the best artwork that's out there today!

"ICOF is a great set. If you are looking for cruiserweights, hardcore warriors and colorful wrestlers to spice up your fed, you have found the right bootlegs. Markus gives a great product for a great price with outstanding customer service."
- ICOF Fan

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