Unknown newspaper, August 5, 1916

Old Holland Soon to be Sold for
Scrap Steel
Elizabeth, N. J. Aug, 5, 1916.
To the Editor of The New York Times:
    The first successful submarine boat of the navy, the old Holland, is about to be cut up for scrap steel, and through the efforts of the writer a special dis- pensation has been procured from the Navy Department and a ten daysí stay of execution from the wreckers. It is now necessary to find a public-spirited citizen or a municipality who will ad- vance the amount necessary to pre- serve and place the old relic.     The tanks and machinery have been removed and the hull stands intact and ready to be mounted upon a concrete or other base. Its weight is twenty-eight tons, and is in three sections, to facili- tate handling; the sections are easily bolted together. Total length, 61 feet; depth and width, 11 feet.     The wreckers require the price of the scrap steel, which amounts to $350. It will cost $100 to load on cars in Phila- delphia and $90 freight to within 100 miles of Philadelphia. The total cost thus amounts to about $500 delivered. This old relic would be a fine monu- ment for almost any park, and would be particularly suitable at this time and for some seaside park.     As a member of the first crew of this boat, I am naturally anxious to see it preserved.                WALTER A. HALL