Unknown newspaper, August 16, 1916

Dr. Gibbons and His Son Present
Pioneer Undersea Craft to
New York Society
    Dr. Peter J. Gibbons and his son, Austin Flint Gibbons, who recently bought the old United States sub- marine boat Holland from junk deal- ers, yesterday presented the relic in perpetuity to the Association for the Establishment and Maintenance for the People of the City of New York of a Museum of the Peaceful Arts." Dr. George F. Kunz, the expert on gems, President of Tiffany & Co., is President of the new Association.
    The only proviso attached to the gift is that the old boat shaft be ex- hibited for one year, beginning May 30 next, at the Bronx International Exhibition.
    Several cities, including Elizabeth, N. J., where the Holland was built, asked the honor of owning the pio- neer submarine. They waived their claims in favor of the new associa- tion, of which the members are Jacob H. Schiff, who gave the first $100,000 to the establishment of this perma- nent museum; Frank A. Vanderlip, Charles A. Strong, Elbert H. Gary, Theodore N. Vail, A. Barton Hep- burn, Nikola Tesla, Melville E. Stone, Commander Robert E. Peary, Thomas A. Edison and other men distin- guished in educational, financial and scientific circles.