The full-sized original of this vehicle is in the Paulton's Romany Museum in Hampshire.  Limited access to the original trolley prevented actual dimensions being recorded.  However, many photographs were taken and notes made which enabled the model to be constructed in approximately 1/8th scale.  The experienced model maker's eye for detail and considerable knowledge of gypsy vehicles produced a model virtually indistinguishable in shape and form from the original.

This model is a pony-sized version of the once familiar "rag and bone" man's vehicle.  The rag and bone man travelled the countryside collecting scrap materials, e.g. old iron, rags, bones, rabbit skins, in fact any reusable item.  It is interesting to note that payment for these items was usually in the form of a small gold fish!

This was a time when most glues were made from bones or rabbit skins.  Thus the trolley was equipped with bins for the bones and if the rags were wet they were first dried by being hung across the front mounted drying racks before being carried inside the vehicle.

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