Issue of Affordable Housing For Disabled
Lack of Affordable Housing For Disabled, Young, Single Parents on a Fixed Income
Hello!  My name is Holly.  I am a 38 yr.-old single mom on social security disability.  I am looking for people who are willing to get involved in fighting this country's lack of safe and affordable housing for younger disabled single parents, by writing to your local and Federal Government Officials, Activists, Community Resources, etc.  Please get involved!
Holly 12 2001
Due to my being on a fixed income, and having a disability, as well as a child with a disability and in special programs at his school, I am having an extraordinarily difficult time trying to find affordable housing in my area.  I want to bring this matter of great importance and concern to light, so that people like me can get some help.
There are places that rent to seniors who are disabled, and to people those who have so little that they are on welfare.  I, however, am in the “gray area”, since I am NOT a senior, and make too much (whatever THAT means) with my Social Security to qualify for help from Social Services.  Why can’t there be help for younger people with disabilities, and children, in affordable housing???
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