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Ms. Maxon,
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Make your basket look like a cradle.

Seasonal faces for the 1999 and 2000 Snowmen

Custom Wooden Lids
I hand-make these liners myself and am in no way associated with or supported by Longaberger other than as a collector.  There are many other liners and colors, just email me for availability of crochet or cloth liners.   I accept money orders, personal checks, and Paypal.  To order, please email me at or

Cloth liners are also available for every basket.  Click below for a sample
Retired stationary handle cake basket
Small Saddlebrook
For an example of a few of the materials, check in with the seasonal faces for the snowmen.  I hope to create a page of fabric samples in the near future. Till then, feel free to email your descriptions of materials you would like.
Feel free to email me at either
Or snail mail me at:
Tonya A Hittie
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Berlin PA 15530