Beth Rice's Genealogy Page
This page is dedicated to the pursuit of my Genealogy - My Family Tree. It is under construction, as there is lots of information to input. So be sure to check back often.
The names you will find in my genealogy are:
Andrew Arnold Boone Bryan
Davis De Ryck Haney Lauck
Lester Morgan Schneider Van Hoose/Van Hoeser/Van Hoesen
We will start with what I started with - the "immediate" family.
The RICE side
(1)  John RICE B: "1762";, England D: ??? Roanoke, Virginia M: 1786, Roanoke, Virigina
to Patsy FLEMING B: "1766", Roanoke, Virginia;
D: 16 Oct 1856, Johnson County, Kentucky
(2) John RICE B: 1786, Virignia D: Abt 1845, Kentucky M: Abt 1808, Virginia
to Nancy DAVIS B: 11 June 1786, Virginia D: 21 Jan 1858, Swamp Branch, Kentucky
(3) William RICE B: 16 Feb 1815, Jenny's Creek, Johnson County, Kentucky D: 5 July 1886, Johnson Cty, KY
M: 27 Aug 1835, Floyd County, KY to
Mary Ann "Polly" Auxier B: 1816/1817, Kentucky D: 20 Mar 1883, Johnson Cty, KY
(4) James Harvey RICE B: 14 Nov 1857, Johnson Cty, KY D: 25 Nov 1925, Johnson Cty, KY
M: 7 Feb 1884, Johnson County, Kentucky to
Julia VAN HOOSE B: 29 Feb 1864 D: 30 Oct 1937, Johnson Cty, KY
(5) Evert RICE B: 27 Jul 1900, Johnson Cty, KY D: 13 Jan 1962, Paintsville, Johnson Cty, KY
M: Hazel LESTER B: Kentucky D: Johnson Cty, KY
(6) Warren Lester Rice B: 7 July 1925, Paintsville, Johnson Cty, KY D: 2 Sept 1959, Fort Sam Houston, TX
Served in WWII in the US Navy in the Pacific. He was first assigned to the USS Honolulu, which was sunk. Then He was assigned to the USS xxxxxxxxxxxxx and was at the Bikini Atoll Atomic Bomb blast area.
M:  May 1950, Texas to
Jacquelyn Beth HANEY B: 1 July 1935, Fort Worth, TX D: 28 Dec 1998, Mesa, A
(7A) Hazelyn Beth Rice   B: 3 Sept 1951, Fort Worth, TX
M: (1) Jimmy Randall McKissack B: 11 Oct 1950, Phoenix, AZ Divorced: 2 Sept 1976
(7B) Della Fannette RICE B: 8 Dec 1952, Fort Worth, TX
(8A) Heather Elizabeth (McKissack) RICE B: 25 Oct 1972, Salt Lake City, UT
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The HANEY side
HANEY = My grandfather told me that the Haney's came from Ireland, possibly during the Potato Famine. He never went into anymore detail than that. So far I can only go back 3 generations. Here they are:
(1) Joseph HANEY B: ???? Missouri D: ???? M: Mary Elizabeth WILLIAM (She was his third wife. They had four children. Mary packed up the children, left Joseph, and moved to Texas. She and Joseph had no further contact.)
(2) James Henry Haney B: 29 Oct 1871, Missouri D: 23 June 1946, Bridgeport, TX M: 1895, Texas to
Anola ARNOLD (1/4 Cherokee Indian) B: 1 July 1875 (Either in Auburn, OK or in TX) D: 10 Oct 1942, Bridgeport, TX
James H Haney was ordained as a Baptist Minister by the laying on of hands in Ellis County, TX 4 Sept 1898.
(3) Joseph Hiram HANEY B: 30 Dec 1911, Malbank, TX D: 7 Sept 1965, Phoenix, AZ M: Dec 1930, OK to
Mabel Elizabeth GOBER B: 26 Jan 1913, Eddy, TX D: 29 April 1989, Mesa, AZ
Joseph was a Baptist Minister, had his own church for a while. He was in the US ARMY in the 30's, got out and when the WWII began he re-enlisted (even though he was near cut-off age). He was in the campaigns in Libya, Africa and Italy (Anzio, etc). Out of a company of 200 he was one of the few survivors (he said six). He has entered the war as a reservist and because of a prejudice by the commandment, no reservists were ever promoted. So, he went in a private and came out a private. He received the Purple Heart when he was injured by a bomb blast that went off under his feet. But, there was so much mud and muck that it cushioned the blow. Also, he said the metal covered bible he carried in this chest pocket saved his life. When the US AIR FORCE became a separate armed force after the war, my grandfather joined up. He spent a total of 27 years in the service of his country.Joseph & Mabel had 3 children, the first died at birth, the third was
(4)  Jacquelyn Beth RICE B: 1 July 1935, Fort Worth, TX D: 28 Dec 1998, Mesa, AZ
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