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Hello and welcome to my online portfolio web site. My name is Hristo and I am a freelance web designer. I have over five years experience in the web site building.

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Since you are here you are probably looking for someone to get your new web site done, or modify the existing one. And you are probably asking yourself a few questions: Would hiring a freelancer benefit me? Will I really get more for my money? Maybe I should hire a big web design agency to create my web site? You don't need to worry about that. I help companies, like yours, in a number of ways:

Would hiring a freelancer benefit me?
Yes, for sure! The main reason is you will save money. By hiring a freelance web designer, instead of a web design agency, you are hiring the person directly, and avoid paying the project manager, the CEO etc. Even if you have big budget to hire an agency, there are still advantages to hiring a freelance web designer. As opposed to working with a web design agency, where a designer has nearly no relationship with the client, you will be able to work directly with the designer to achieve just the results you are looking for. Working with a freelance designer inevitably yields faster results, because there is only one person for the work to go through.

So what are your Benefits?

  • You get a unique design and concept that defines you and your vision.
  • Your project cost is much less than the Corporate Web Designing Companies.
  • Your operating cost are negligible as your project is completed in time.
  • I work on the project not according to my level of satisfaction but to your satisfaction. Your satisfaction is my motto.

Is a Freelance Designer the right route for you?
If you're looking for increased flexibility, lower overhead, different perspective, hiring a Freelance Designer is a viable alternative for your business.

What can I offer?

  • Custom website design
  • Usability optimization
  • Logo design and branding
  • Updatable Flash websites
  • Flash animated banners
  • Flash photo gallery
  • 3D Rotation in Flash
  • JavaScript and DHTML programming
  • HTML, CSS design. Table layout and block elements layout.
  • Accessibility optimization

How do I get Benefited ?

  • I get involved like your manpower sharing your vision, hence developing new business synergy.
  • Consistent business from your contacts (though my costs are low, a consistent business offsets my low pricing and my hobby continues paying to burn my desire).
  • I get to know one more friend in this big planet of ours.

And Finally ... Five Checks For Deciding A Website Design...

  • Product: A good product or service that people want sells on NET. Present the best of you.
  • Web Site Design: If it's not a well designed site , you're fighting a losing battle. Believe me!
  • Web Functionality: Unplanned Navigation not knowing where to find the information I need. Lost!
  • Content: Picture speaks more than words but word also do convey. Combine both to achieve best.
  • Browser Compatibilty: If your site cannot be viewed with common browsers, redesign it instead of troubling your potential customers to install 20MB application just to view your site. No body actually downloads, I design sites that are best viewed in cross browsers.
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