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Welcome to our Lovebird Web site. We hand raised and hand feed our baby Lovebirds. Our goal is to raise pet lovebirds. The Aviary is called Our Lovebirds. We breed the peach-faced lovebirds. We have many different mutations: Creamino, Lutino, Dutch Blue, Slate, Blue Masked, Sea Green and Normal Green Lovebirds. We have enjoyed raising pet lovebirds for the past 12 years.

Each of our Lovebirds is special to us and we nickname many of the baby lovebirds.

Our Spotlight Birdies        

Just to give an example we now have Squeaky . It is a little lutino lovebird. Squeaky is just 6 weeks old. Squeaky was the only baby in this clutch. She/he is a little darling and has had lots of attention from us. Her mom is very young, but she took good care of Squeaky. We hope that Squeaky will soon be ready for her/his new home

Due to the limited number of birds in our Aviary we are able to spend quality time to make them lovable pets for all children, young and old. At our Aviary most of our lovebirds can talk. They say, "Hello Baby" and "Good Birdie". They love to play on a hamster wheel. They enjoy sitting on our shoulders and taking a bath on a dinner plate.

We enjoy spending time with Our Lovebirds and have found it to be a rewarding experience. One of the most precious moments is watching my little grandson feed the new babies. "Priceless" Please enjoy your visit at our site, including Our Babies. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

Don't forget to check out our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page (FAQ) for more information.

Footer name and address E-mail us at stoner.amanda@gmail.com or give us a call at (905) 679-2091 if you would like to chat.


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