The House of Armstrong

Generation 4.

I. Carl Everett Armstrong was born on April 22, 1911 in Marietta, OH, the second child of II. Stanley Armstrong and III. Nellie Elizabeth Clark. He married Mary Katherine Hupp on Jun 15, 1934, in Marietta. They had two children:

  1. Stanley Lee Armstrong, born March 7, 1935 in Marietta, OH. Married Thana Rae Thielman on August 17, 1957. They had one daughter: Tamara Sue Armstrong; who married James Hartman.
  2. William Hupp Armstrong, born August 23, 1937 in Marietta, OH. Married Sue Ellen Stover on June 17, 1967.


Generation 5.

II. Stanley Armstrong was born August 27, 1883 in Middleburg, OH, son of IV. Samuel Armstrong and V. Matilda Heddleson, and died on June 18, 1923. He married Nellie Elizabeth Clark on April 28, 1906.

III. Nellie Elizabeth Clark was born Jan 29, 1888 in Middleburg, OH, daughter of VI. James Willis Clark and VII. Carrie Brooks Stewart, and died on February 12, 1983 in South Haven, MI. They had five children:

  1. Delmar Leroy Armstrong, born in 1909 in Marietta, OH. Married Irene?. He died on March 17, 1998. They had one child: Howard Eugene Armstrong.
  2. Carl Everett Armstrong.
  3. Dorothy Armstrong, born in 1913 in Marietta, OH. Married Glen McFarland. They had two children: Delberdt and D. Edward.
  4. Margary Armstrong born in Marietta, OH
  5. Ione Armstrong born in Marietta, OH. Married Gene Tarvis. Had three children: Kay, Mary Ann and Tippy.


Generation 6.

IV. Samuel Armstrong was born on July 29, 1847 in Noble Co., OH, son of VIII. Moses Armstrong and IX. Rhoda Mae Powell, and died on November 29, 1929. He married Matilda Heddleson.

V. Matilda Heddleson was born on May 23, 1851 in Noble Co., OH, daughter of X. John Heddleson and XI. Nancy Hesson, and died on August 16, 1923. They had 13 children, of which two died in childbirth:

  1. Stanley Armstrong
  2. Maggie Armstrong; married ? Williams. Died in her twenties.
  3. Maurice Armstrong, married Melinda Catherine Pryor. (For more info on this line contact Bill Armstrong)
  4. Harry Armstrong, married Hattie Morris.
  5. Omer Armstrong; one son named Ralph (Peanut).
  6. Mahala Almira Armstrong
  7. Edson Armstrong, died October 19, 1976 in Byesville, OH.
  8. Hannah Armstrong
  9. Thomas Armstrong
  10. Shelly Armstrong born on June 21, 1886 in Noble Co., OH; died on December 3, 1894 in Middleburg, OH.
  11. John Armstrong

VI. James Willis Clark was born on August 14, 1867, son of XII. Thomas Clark and XIII. Matilda Hesson, and died on Jun 28, 1942. He married Carrie Brooks Stewart.

VII. Carrie Brooks Stewart was born on May 28, 1870, daughter of XIV. William Richie Stewart and XV. Mariah Hazelrigg, and died on Jul 26, 1952. They had nine children:

  1. Nellie Elizabeth Clark
  2. Lottie Clark, born on January 7, 1889 in Middleburg, OH., died on January 5, 1983. Married Norvil Blake; had two children: Irene and Geraldine.
  3. Elsa Clark, born on March 6, 1891 in Middleburg, OH. Married William F. Bell; had three children: Infant, Beryl D., Robert Earl.
  4. James R. Clark, born on August 13, 1892 in Middleburg, OH, died on August 4, 1978. Had two children: Thelma Maxine and Richard Edward.
  5. Bertha Clark, born on February 14, 1895 in Middleburg, OH, died on May 14, 1976. Married Leonard Lee, two children: Evelyn and James.
  6. Mary Clark, born on February 17, 1897 in Middleburg, OH. Married Eastman Archer, one child: Clark.
  7. Edson Clark, born on August 32, 1899 in Middleburg, OH. Married Lucille Hayes, four children: Lois, Paul, Fred, Annabelle.
  8. Aura Jane Clark, born on November 1, 1902 in Middleburg, OH, died on October 11, 1974. Married David Fogle, four children: Neil, Leon, Eddie, Norman.
  9. Willis Howard Clark, born on June 29, 1906 in Middleburg, OH. Married Audrey Spence, two children: Terry and Patty.


Generation 7.

VIII. Moses Armstrong born in 1817 Belmont Co., OH?, son of XVI. James Armstrong and XVII. Sally Sherwood. Married Rhoda Mae Powell.

IX. Rhoda Mae Powell. born in January 25, 1823, daughter of XVIII. Samuel Powell and XIX. Hannah Harris, died on Apr 18, 1911. They had eight children:

  1. John Edward Armstrong
  2. Sarah D. Armstrong
  3. Robert Armstrong
  4. Emily Armstrong
  5. Thomas Armstrong
  6. Samuel Armstrong.
  7. Hannah (Anne) Armstrong
  8. Nancy J. Armstrong

X. John Heddleson was born May 1825, son of XX. William Heddleston and XXI. Martha McClintock, and died on April 22, 1879. He married Nancy Hesson.

XI. Nancy Hesson was born on August 12, 1831, daughter of XXII. James Hesson and XXIII. Elizabeth Lamp, died on March 4, 1913 in Jefferon Twp., Noble C., OH. They had (at least) one child:

  1. Matilda Heddleson.

XII. Thomas Clark was born on April 5, 1823 in Scotland? And died on December 12, 1890. (XXIV and XXV) Married Matilda Hesson on January 6, 1853

XIII. Matilda Hesson was born on August 24, 1830 in Belmont Co., OH, daughter of XXII. James Hesson and XXIII. Elizabeth Lamp, died on March 27, 1890. They had ten children:

  1. James Willis Clark.
  2. William Clark. Married Sarah Stevens, had ten children: Hansel, Leslie, William, Archie, Frank, Willard, Bryan, Helen, Carrie, and Tom.
  3. John Clark. Married Barbara Lee, had seven children: Ethel, Walter, Charlie, Harry, Earl, Glen, Idara.
  4. Columbia Clark. Married Henry Harper.
  5. Althera Clark. Married John Armstrong, had two children: Curtis and Edith.
  6. Thomas (Pete) Clark. Married Minnia Williams, had two children: Beryl and Grace.
  7. Florence Clark. Married Manuel Mitchell, had four children: Bessie, May, Elmer, and Albert.
  8. Ann Clark. Married William Armstrong, had three children: Orpha, Lela and Infant.
  9. Isabell Clark Married William Hupp, had two children: Otmer and Ona.
  10. Martha Clark. Died at age 12.

XIV. William Richie Stewart was born on May 9, 1838 in Butler Co., PA, son of XXVIII. Thomas Stewart and XXIX. Elizabeth Trindle, and died on January 22, 1920 in Dexter City, OH. He Married Mariah Hazelrigg.

XV. Mariah Hazelrigg was born on November 11, 1844, daughter of XXX. David Hazelrigg and XXXI. Bettie Kinniard, and died on May 4, 1875 in Caldwell, OH. They had four children:

  1. Carrie Brooks Stewart.
  2. Elizabeth Stewart, born on June 3, 1867 in OH.
  3. Loren Stewart, born on June 20, 1868 in OH, died on September 4, 1870 in OH.
  4. Delmar Stewart, born on November 26, 1871 in OH, died in 1970 in OH.


Generation 8.

 XVI. James Armstrong. Born in Belmont Co., OH?. He married Sally Sherwood. (XXXII and XXXIII)

XVII. Sally Sherwood. (XXXIV and XXXV) They had (at least) on child:

  1. Moses Armstrong.

XVIII. Samuel Powell was born in 1801 in Bath Co., VA, son of XXXVI. Reuben Powell and XXXVII. Dorcas Alford. He married Hannah Harris.

XIX. Hannah Harris, daughter of XXXVIII. Elisha Harris and XXXIX. Margaret McCormick. They had at least one child:

  1. Rhoda Mae Powell

XX. William Heddleston was born on January 1, 1793 in Scotland, son of XL. William Hiddleston and XLI. Martha Philpot, and died on March 27, 1889 in Jefferson, Noble Co., OH. He married Martha McClintock.

XXI. Martha McClintock was born in 1806, and died in1845 in Summerfield, Noble Co., OH. (XLII and XLIII) They had (at least) one child:

  1. John Heddleson

XXII. James Hesson, born in 1791/2 in PA, son of XLIV. John Hesson and XLV. Jane?; died on April 6, 1871 in Enoch, Noble Co., OH. He married Elizabeth Lamp on Febuary 11, 1819 in Belmont Co., OH.

XXIII. Elizabeth Lamp, born on May 2, 1800 in VA, son of XLVI. George Lamp and XLVII. Elizabeth?; died on December 17, 1889. They had three children:

  1. Nancy Hesson.
  2. Matilda Hesson.
  3. John Hesson, born on January 22, 1822 in Belmont Co., OH; Died on March 29, 1913 in Enoch, Noble Co., OH. Married Rebecca Miller in 1854/5; had at least one child: J. Francis Hesson (4/4/1858-6/21/1947). (For more info on this line go to the Patterson's Home Page.)

XXVIII. Thomas Stewart was born on September 9, 1795 in Westmorland Co., PA. (LVI and LVII) He married Elizabeth Trindle.

XXIX. Elizabeth Trindle was born on September 13, 1799 in Allegany Co., PA. (LVIII and LIX) They had 12 children:

  1. William Richie Stewart
  2. Nancy Stewart; born on December 21, 1819 in Butler Co., PA.
  3. John Stewart; born on May 8, 1821 in Butler Co., PA.
  4. James Stewart; born on February 8, 1823 in Columbiana Co., PA.
  5. Thomas Stewart, born on August 9, 1825 in Bever Co., PA.
  6. David Stewart, born on April 15, 1827 in Bever Co., PA.
  7. Mary Stewart, born on November 11, 1829 in Bever Co., PA.
  8. Samuel Stewart, born on December 12, 1832 in Allegany Co., PA.
  9. Elizabeth Stewart, born on December 11, 1833 in Allegany Co., PA.
  10. Esther Stewart, born on May 31, 1836 in Butler Co., PA.
  11. Hannah Stewart, born on August 31, 1840 in Butler Co., PA.
  12. Loren Stewart, born on July 5, 1845 in Butler Co., PA.

XXX. David Hazelrigg was born on August 28, 1811 and died on November 22, 1873. (LX and LXI) He married Bettie Kinnaird c1865.

XXXI. Bettie Kinnaird was born on December 30, 1815, daughter of LXII. William Kinniard and LXIII. Harriet Green, and died on September 28, 1897. They had (at least) one child:

  1. Mariah Hazelrigg.


Generation 9.

XXXVI. Reuben Powell was born on January 25, 1774 in New Hanover Co., NC, son of LXXII. Rudolph Powell and LXXIII. Elizabeth Perry, died in 1840 in Belmont Co., OH.  He married Dorcas Alford on Nov 22, 1793.

XXXVII. Dorcas Alford, daughter of LXXIV. John Alford and LXXV. Jane? They had at least one child:

  1. Samuel Powell

XXXVIII. Elisha Harris was born in VA, died in 1825 in Morgan Co., OH. He married Margaret McCormick on Nov 27, 1780.

XXXIX. Margaret McCormick was born in 1765 in Faquier Co., VA, daughter of LXXVIII. John McCormick and LXXIX. Elizabeth Morgan, died in 1845 in Ohio.  They had seven children:

  1. Hannah Harris
  2. Stephen Harris
  3. George Harris
  4. Anna Harris (January 17, 1791 - November 22, 1896)
  5. Mary Harris
  6. Elijah Harris
  7. Margaret Harris

XL. William Hiddleston was born c1770 in Dumfries, Scotland. He married Martha Philpot c1792. Died in Summerfield, Noble Co., OH.

XLI. Martha Philpot was born c1775 in Dublin, Ireland and died on July 20, 1815? in Summerfield, Noble Co., OH. They had (at least) one child:

  1. William Heddleston.

XLIV. John Hesson was born 1740/70. He married Jane?

XLV. Jane?, born 1740/70. They had at least one child:

  1. James Hesson

XLVI. Johan George Lamp was born on June 23, 1763 in New Hanover, York Co., PA, son of XCII. Johannes Lamp and XCIII. Unknown??., died in 1840 in Belmont Co., OH. He married Elizabeth?.

XLVII. Elizabeth? They had at least one child:

  1. Elizabeth Lamp

LXII. Willaim Kinnaird was born on November 23, 1782, son of CXXIV. (Lord) George Kinniard and CXXV. Mary Elizabeth Asher. He married Harriet Green.

LXIII. Harriet Green. They had (at least) one child:

  1. Bettie Kinniard.


Generation 10.

LXXII. Rudolph Powell was born on June 30, 1742 in NC, son of CXLIV. David Powell and CXLV. Elizabeth Elliott, died on May 5, 1819. He married Elizabeth Perry in 1765.

LXXIII. Elizabeth Perry. They had at least one child:

  1. Reuben Powell

LXXIV. John Alford. He married Jane?.

LXXV. Jane?. They had at least one child:


LXXVIII. John McCormick was born in Faquier Co., VA, son of CLVI. James McCormick and CLVII. Unknown?, died on May 1, 1817 in Faquier Co., VA. He married Elizabeth Morgan.

LXXIX. Elizabeth Morgan was born in 1749 in Faquier Co., VA, daughter of CLVIII. William Morgan and CLIX. Elizabeth Duncan, died in 1816 in Faquier Co., VA. They had seven children:

  1. Margaret McCormick
  2. Stephen McCormick
  3. William McCormick
  4. Elizabeth McCormick
  5. Anna McCormick
  6. Molly McCormick
  7. Sarah McCormick

XCII. Johannes Lamp was born 1720/45. He married Unknown??

XCIII. Unknown??. They had at least one child:

  1. Johann George Lamp

CXXIV. (Lord) George Kinnaird, died in February of 1812. He married Mary Elizabeth Asher.

CXXV. Mary Elizabath Asher. They had (at least) one child:

  1. William Kinnaird


Generation 11

CXLIV. David Powell was born on March 20, 1703/4 in NC, son of CCLXXXVIII. Jonathan Powell and CCLXXXIX. Unknown. He married Elizabeth Elliott.

CXLV. Elizabeth Elliott. They had at least one child:

  1. Rudolph Powell

CLVI. James McCormick was born in 1721 in Ireland, son of CCCXII. Hugh McCormick and CCCXIII. Margaret Donogh, died on June 1, 1760 in NC. He married Unknown?.

CLVII. Unknown?. They had at least one child:

  1. John McCormick

CLVIII. William Morgan was born in 1710 in VA, so of CCCXVI. Charles Morgan and CCCXVII. Ann Duncan, died on October 1, 1797 in Lincoln, KY. He married Elizabeth Duncan.

CLIX. Elizabeth Duncan was born c1723, daughter of CCCXVIII. John Duncan and CCCXIX. Elizabeth Holtzclaw, died in 1798 in KY. They had eight children:

  1. Charles Morgan, b. 1745
  2. Elizabeth Morgan
  3. Phoebe Morgan, b. September 15, 1751.
  4. Alice Morgan, b. 1753
  5. Rosannah Morgan, b. 1755
  6. John Morgan, b. 1757
  7. Hannah Morgan, b. 1759
  8. Frances Morgan, b. 1761


Generation 12

CCLXXXVIII. Jonathan Powell. He married Unknownn.

CCLXXXIX. Unknownn. They had at least one child:

  1. David Powell

CCCXII. Hugh McCormick II was born on May 6, 1695 in Derry, Ireland, son of DCXXIV. James McCormick I and DCXXV. Sarah Welch/Welsh, died in PA. He married Margaret Donogh in 1724.

CCCXIII. Margaret Donogh was born in 1695 in Ireland. They had at least one child:

  1. James McCormick II

CCCXVI. Charles Morgan was born on September 28, 1680, son of DCXXXII. Anthony Morgan and DCXXXIII. Elizabeth?, died on September 1, 1766. He married Ann Duncan.

CCCXVII. Ann Duncan. They had at least one child:

  1. William Morgan

CCCXVIII. John Duncan, son of DCXXXVI. Samuel Duncan and DCXXXVII. Mary?. He married Elizabeth Holtzclaw.

CCCXIX. Elizabeth Holtzclaw, daughter of DCXXXVIII. Johann Holtzclaw and DCXXXIX. Catherine Russell. They had at least one child:

  1. Elizabeth Duncan


Generation 13

DCXXIV. James McCormick I was born on May 3, 1645 in Killeny, Ireland, son of MCCXLVIII. Thomas McCormick and MCCXLIX. Matilda Patterson. He married Sarah Welch/Welsh in 1693.

DCXXV. Sarah Welch/Welsh. They had at least one child:

  1. Hugh McCormick

DCXXXII. Anthony Morgan was born in 1654, died in 1688. He married Elizabeth?.

DCXXXIII. Elizabeth?. They had at least one child:

  1. Charles Morgan

DCXXXVI. Samuel Duncan. He married Mary?.

DCXXXVII. Mary? They had at least one child:

  1. John Duncan

DCXXXVIII. Johann Holtzclaw was born in 1709, son of MCCLXXVI. Hans Jacob Holtzclaw and MCCLXXVII. Anna Margaret Otterbach, died in 1752. He married Catherine Russell in c1730.

DCXXXIX. Catherine Russell, daughter of MCCLXXVIII. William Russell and MCCLXXIX. Grace?. They had at least one child:

  1. Elizabeth Holtzclaw


Generation 14

MCCXLVIII. Thomas McCormick was born on June 8, 1610 in Antrim, Ireland, son of MMCDXCVI. Hugh McCormick I and MMCDXCVII. Elizabeth O'Conner. He married Matilda Patterson in 1641.

MCCXLIX. Matilda Patterson. They had at least one child:

  1. James McCormick I

MCCLXXVI. Hans Jacob Holtzclaw was born in 1683, son of MMDLII. Hans Heinrich Holtzclaw and MMDLIII. Gertrut Solbach, died in 1760. He married Anna Margaret Otterbach on August 7, 1708.

MCCLXXVII. Anna Margaret Otterbach was born in 1686, daughter of MMDLIV. Hermann Otterbach and MMDLV. Elizabeth Heimbach. They had at least one child:

  1. Johann Holtzclaw

MCCLXXVIII. William Russell. He married Grace?

MCCLXXIX. Grace?. They had at one child:

  1. Catherine Russell


Generation 15

MMCDXCVI. Hugh McCormick I was born in 1570 in Scotland, son of MMMMCMXCII. Owen McCormick and MMMMCMXCIII. Matilda?, died in 1635 in Antrim, Ireland. He married Elizabeth O'Conner.

MMCDXCVII. Elizabeth O'Conner was born in 1585 in Ireland, daughter of MMMMCMXCIV. Thomas O'Conner and MMMMCMXCV. Unknownn?. They had at least one child:

  1. Thomas McCormick

MMDLII. Hans Heinrich Holtzclaw was born in c1646, son of VCIV. Johann Holtzclaw I and VCV. ?Hebel, died in 1711. He married Gertrut Solbach.

MMDLIII. Gertrut Solbach, daughter of VCVI. Johan Solbach and VCVII. Elizabeth Patt. They had at least one child:

  1. Hans Jacob Holtzclaw

MMDLIV. Hermann Otterbach was born in 1664, son of VCVIII. Johannes Otterbach and VCIX. Anna Stüll, died in VA. He married Elizabeth Heimbach.

MMDLV. Elizabeth Heimbach was born in 1662, daughter of VCX. Phillip Heimbach and VCXI. Maria Catherine Fishback. They had at least one child:

  1. Anna Margaret Otterbach


Generation 16

MMMMCMXCII. Owen McCormick was born in Scotland in 1545. He married Matilda ?.

MMMMCMXCIII. Matilda?. They had at least one child:

  1. Hugh McCormick I

MMMMCMXCIV. Thomas O'Conner was born in 1559. He married Unknownn?

MMMMCMXCV. Unknownn?. They had at least one child:

  1. Elizabeth O'Conner

VCIV. Johann Holtzclaw I was born c1605. He married ?Hebel.

VCV. ?Hebel. They had at least one child:

  1. Hans Heinrich Holtzclaw

VCVI. Johan Solbach. He married Elizabeth Patt.

VCVII. Elizabeth Patt was born in 1618, daughter of XCCXIV. Theiss (Matthias) Patt and XCCXV. Agnes Jung. They had at least one child:

  1. Gertrut Solbach

VCVIII. Johannes Otterbach was born in 1622, son of XCCXVI. Johannes Otterbach I and XCCXVII. Ottilla Schneider, died in 1694. He married Anna Stüll in 1650.

VCIX. Anna Stüll was born in 1628, daughter of XCCXVIII. Jost Stüll and XCCXIX. Ehla Behr, died in 1698. They had at least one child:

  1. Hermann Otterbach

VCX. Phillip Heimbach was born in 1634, son of XCCXX. Georg Heimbach and XCCXXI. Elizabeth Neiuss, died c1680. He married Maria Catherine Fishback.

VCXI. Maria Catherine Fishback was born on October 21, 1640, daughter of XCCXXII. Johannes Fishback and XCCXXIII. Elsbeth?. They had at least one child:

  1. Elizabeth Heimbach


Generation 17

XCCXIV. Theiss (Matthias) Patt. He married Agnes Jung.

XCCXV. Agnes Jung was born in 1590. They had at least one child:

  1. Elizabeth Patt

XCCXVI. Johannes Otterbach I was born in 1590, son of XXCDXXXII. Johan Otterbach and XXCDXXXIII. Demuth?, died in 1624. He married Ottilla Schneider.

XCCXVII. Ottilla Schneider was born in 1595, daughter of XXCDXXXIV. Hermann Schneider and XXCDXXXV. Unknownn??, died in 1656. They had at least one child:

  1. Johannes Otterbach

XCCXVIII. Jost Stüll was born in 1595, son of XXCDXXXVI. Hans Stüll and XXCDXXXVII. Unknown???. He married Ehla Behr.

XCCXIX. Ehla Behr was born in 1600, daughter of XXCDXXXVIII. Jacob Behr and XXCDXXXIX. Unknownn???. They had at least one child:

  1. Anna Stüll

XCCXX. Georg Heimbach was born in 1605, son of XXCDXL. Jost Heimbach and XXCDXLI. Unknownnn. He married Elizabeth Neiuss.

XCCXXI. Elizabeth Neiuss. They had at least one child:

  1. Phillip Heimbach

XCCXXII. Johannes Fishback was born in 1605, son of XXCDXLII. Wilhelm Fischbach and XXCDXLIII. ?Lück, died in 1679. He married Elsbeth?.

XCCXXIII. Elsbeth?. They had at least one child:

  1. Maria Catherine Fishback


Generation 18

XXCDXXXII. Johan Otterbach was born c1560, died in 1599. He married Demuth?.

XXCDXXXIII. Demuth?. They had at least one child:

  1. Johannes Otterbach I

XXCDXXXIV. Hermann Schneider was born c1575. He married Unknownn??.

XXCDXXXV. Unknownn?? They had at least one child:

  1. Ottilla Schneider

XXCDXXXVI. Hans Stüll was born in 1570, son of XLDCCCLXXII. Hans Stüll I and XLDCCCLXXIII. Gertrud?, died after 1599. He married Unknown???.

XXCDXXXVII. Unknown???. They had at least one child:

  1. Jost Stüll

XXCDXXXVIII. Jacob Behr was born in 1565, son of XLDCCCLXXVI. Göbel Behr and XLDCCCLXXVII. Unknownnn?. He married Unknownn???.

XXCDXXXIX. Unknownn??? They had at least one child:

  1. Ehla Behr

XXCDXL. Jost Heimbach was born c1580. He married Unknownnn.

XXCDXLI. Unknownnn. They had at least one child:

  1. Georg Heimbach

XXCDXLII. Wilhelm Fischbach was born in 1563, son of XLDCCCLXXXIV. Theiss Fischbach and XLDCCCLXXXV. Treina?, died in 1641. He married ?Lück.

XXCDXLIII. ?Lück, daughter of XLDCCCLXXXVI. Peter Lück and XLDCCCLXXXVII. Unknownnn??. They had at least one child:

  1. Johannes Fishback


Generation 19

XLDCCCLXXII. Hans Stüll I was born in 1530. He married Gertrud?.

XLDCCCLXXIII. Gertrud? They had at least one child:

  1. Hans Stüll

XLDCCCLXXVI. Göbel Behr was born in 1535, died in 1599. He married Unknownnn?.

XLDCCCLXXVII. Unknownnn? They had at least one child:

  1. Jacob Behr

XLDCCCLXXXIV. Theiss Fischbach was born in 1515, son of LXXXMDCCLXVIII. Johann Fischpe and LXXXMDCCLXIX. Nessa?, died after 1564. He married Treina?.

XLDCCCLXXXV. Treina? They had at least one child:

  1. Johan Fischbach

XLDCCCLXXXVI. Peter Lück. He married Unknownnn??

XLDCCCLXXXVII. Unknownnn?? They had at least one child:

  1. ? Lück


Generation 20

LXXXMDCCLXVIII. Johann Fischpe was born c1475, son of CLXMMMDXXXVI. Johann van Fisphe and CLXMMMDXXXVII. ??, died c1546. He married Nessa?.

LXXXMDCCLXIX. Nessa? They had at least one child:

  1. Theiss Fischbach


Generation 21

CLXMMMDXXXVI. Johann van Fisphe was born c1440, son of CCCXXVMMLXXII. Tyl van Fispe and CCCXXVMMLXXIII. ???, died in 1495. He married ??.

CLXMMMDXXXVII. ??. They had at least one child:

  1. Johann Fischpe


Generation 22

CCCXXVMMLXXII. Tyl van Fispe was born c1415, died c1482. He married ???.

CCCXXVMMLXXIII. ??? They had at least one child:

  1. Johann van Fisphe


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