Cabbage Links

You may think that you have found the ultimate web page for the net savvy cabbage in The Page That Turns You into a Cabbage. But you are mistaken! There are actually quite a number of other web sites out there for cabbages on the world-wide inter-web.

  • NZ Vegetables - Beautiful vege site of Habbage's homeland with information on cabbages, cauliflowers, Chinese cabbages, broccoli and yes, even brussels sprouts.

  • John Evans and his Record Breaking Giant Vegetables - Marvel at the uncanny size of this man's world-record-breaking cabbages!

  • Attack of the Killer Cabbages - A page that reveals the terrible events of 1997 in which a cabbage splinter group terrorised the Tanana Valley State Fair. Includes the Cabbage Invasion Game. Attack

  • Watch Your Garden Grow Cabbages - Information on how to be a healthy, happy cabbage.

  • Cabbage Corner - A lovely site where you can read cabbage haiku, learn about cabbages around the world, and even make your own cabbage mask!

  • Foodtale of Cabbage - A nice page with quotations and information about the role of cabbages in history.

  • Cabbages Can Teach Us to Love Our Enemies - A worthy sentiment.

  • The History of Cabbage - An informative page on cabbage ancestry.

  • Swedish Christmas Cabbage Chemistry - Interesting information on the biochemistry of brussels sprouts and purple cabbages.


  • Sopotnick's Cabbage Patch Biker Bar - A disturbing site which reveals the terrible truth - there is such a thing as "coleslaw wrestling".

  • Cabbage Information Sheet - For those serious cabbage enthusiast only.