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E-mail 1930 It Walks by Night
  1931 The Lost Gallows

Castle Skull

  1932 The Corpse in the Waxworks

Poison in Jest

  1933 Hag's Nook

The Mad Hatter Mystery

The Bowstring Murders
  1934 The Eight of Swords

The Blind Barber

The Plague Court Murders

The White Priory Murders

Devil Kinsmere
  1935 Death-Watch

The Three Coffins

The Red Widow Murders

The Unicorn Murders

  1936 The Arabian Nights Murder

The Murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey

  1937 The Burning Court

The Four False Weapons

The Punch and Judy Murders

The Peacock Feather Murders

The Third Bullet

  1938 To Wake the Dead

The Crooked Hinge

The Judas Window

Death in Five Boxes

  1939 The Problem of the Green Capsule

The Problem of the Wire Cage

The Reader is Warned

Fatal Descent

  1940 The Man Who Could Not Shudder And So to Murder

Nine - and Death Makes Ten

  1941 The Case of the Constant Suicides

Death Turns the Tables

Seeing is Believing
  1942 The Emperor's Snuff-box The Gilded Man
  1943   She Died a Lady
  1944 Till Death Do Us Part He Wouldn't Kill Patience
  1945   The Curse of the Bronze Lamp
  1946 He Who Whispers My Late Wives
  1947 The Sleeping Sphinx
  1948   The Skeleton in the Clock
  1949 Below Suspicion

The Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A Graveyard to Let
  1950 The Bride of Newgate Night at the Mocking Widow
  1951 The Devil in Velvet  
  1952 The Nine Wrong Answers Behind the Crimson Blind
  1953   The Cavalier's Cup
  1954 The Third Bullet

The Exploits of Sherlock Holmes

  1955 Captain Cut-Throat
  1956 Patrick Butler for the Defence Fear is the Same
  1957 Fire, Burn!
  1958 The Dead Man's Knock
  1959 Scandal at High Chimneys
  1960 In Spite of Thunder
  1961 The Witch of the Low-Tide
  1962 The Demoniacs
  1963 The Men Who Explained Miracles
  1964 Most Secret
  1965 The House at Satan's Elbow
  1966 Panic in Box C
  1967 Dark of the Moon
  1968 Papa Là-Bas
  1969 The Ghosts' High Noon
  1971 Deadly Hall
  1972 The Hungry Goblin

The above bibliography is adapted from Douglas G. Greene's excellent Carr biography, John Dickson Carr: The Man Who Explained Miracles, 1995 Otto Penzler, New York; (C) 1995 by Douglas G. Greene. Pp. 467 - 93.