The Duke of York's Steps (1929)


My review:

First-class and satisfying on all counts.  The plot deals with the (ingenious) disposal of a financier by thoracic aneurism—an original yet convincing method.  The big business atmosphere is deftly touched in, and keeps interest throughout, with every chapter ending on a cliff-hanger.  The detection is as satisfying as The Hanging Captain, done by the ‘human’ Inspector Poole and two amateurs (one of whom was set up by the murderers).  The police procedural aspects are fairly lively; Wade is obviously more interesting and enjoyable than Crofts.  The gradual emergence of the killers amid the changing London background is done well.  For a so-called “humdrum” author, characterisation is excellent: the victim is quite complex, the romance sub-plot (which would have raised eyebrows on its first appearance) and Insp. Poole are all excellent.

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