Dimuat pada
Jurnal Manajemen Pendidikan, PPs Universitas Negeri Jakarta, 
Volume 1 No. 2, September 2002, pp. 177 - 191, ISSN: 1412-680X


Oleh: Hadiyanto


Decentralization of educational management is one of political decision of the Indonesian government implemented to improve the quality of education and to gain the education practices in Indonesia to be more democratic and human.  Even though there are still numerous obstacles facing the attempt, such as mental readiness, the quality of human resources and lack of financial support, most education practitioners and managers agree with and eagerly support that dilematic policy.

The quality of human resources at the local level and the support of the Indonesian citizents as well as the quality of personals at school level are the most important issues which have to be firstly solved, especially when the Indonesian government will implement the policy of school-based management.  

It is sure, without support from all stake holders of education, the central, provincial and district government, school principals and all community, the ideal educational improvement would be only Ďa deep dreamí of the nation.


Kata kunci   desentralisasi pendidikan, otonomi pendidikan, manajemen berbasis sekolah, manajemen pendidikan, demokrasi pendidikan, 



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