The purpose of this is for you to learn about learn more about prophets by researching one prophet with special attention. Another goal is that you learn to better use the introductions in your Bible and that you learn what biblical commentaries are and how to use them..

I) Key ideas from the Introduction to the book in your Bible. Include the major message and/or themes and what is the importance of this book in the Old Testament?

The postexilix prophecy begins with Haggai.
Haggai helped the Jews rebuild the temple.
The prophecy may be divided into:
-Call to rebuild the temple
-The future glory of the temple
-Unworthiness of a people who may be the Samaritans
-A promise of immediate blessing
-A pledge to Zerubbabel

II) About the prophet:

Who is this person?

-Haggai was a prophet to Zerubbabel, governor of Judah.

When did this person live?

-Haggai lived around 520 B.C.

Where did they live?

-Haggai lived in
Judah after the Babylonian Exile.

What did they do?

-Haggai helped in the rebuilding of the temple and the compliance of with ceremonial law.

-Haggai also spoke to the people about building and making their homes in such a way that they complied with ceremonial law and temple teaching.

III) Copy down the outline of the book from your Bible’s introduction

I. Chapter 1

a.        Exhortation to rebuild the temple of the Lord

II.                   Chapter 2

a.        Future glory of the new temple

b.       Offerings of an unclean rejected

c.        Promise of immediate blessing

d.       Pledge to Zerubbabel

This outline comes from: The Book of Haggai, New American Hold Bible; Fireside, 1970

IV) Why is this book, this prophet, important to Christians?

Haggai is important in salvation history because he helped in the reconstruction of the temple. Haggai spoke to the people telling them how God was going to make the temple great.

V) Add one great quote, word for word. Cite the passage.

“This is the pact that I made with you when you came out of Egypt; and my spirit continues in your midst; do not fear!” (Book of Haggai, Chapter 2, verse 5)

VI) Cite all your sources, including which Bible you used. You should have at least two. You should know how to do this from your social studies class.

The Book of Haggai, New American Hold Bible; Fireside, 1970

Book of Haggai, New Catholic Encyclopedia, 2nd Edition, 2003

1. What year did Haggai live?
2. Where did Haggai live?
3. What major task did Haggai help with?
4. Haggai helpped to recontruct what?
5. Who waas the leader of Judah to who Haggai was a prophet for?

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