Dr. AQ Khan Institute. Mianwali
Dr. AQ Khan Institute of Technology Mianwali
Fulfillment of a dire need
a. Technological and vocational training in the foremost requirement for a developing country like Pakistan, in particular for its remote/less developed regions like Mianwali and adjioning rural and semi urban areas. Considering the economics, industrial development and socioeconomic needs of the country, there is a huge gap between the actual requirement and the available infrastructure for human resourses development in the fields of science and technology.
b. Keeping this background in mind, Dr. AQ Khan Institute of Technology in Mianwali has been established to meet the requirement to fully capitalise on the locally available resources of the region with the help of qaulified and skilled manpower. Beside, the establishment of such Institute in Mianwali was highly optimal because nature has endowed the region with enormous resources like fine quality sand, clay, coal and other minerals which are used in manufacturing of glass, ceramics, chemical, cement etc. and these mineral resources can be further exloited. The agricultural output of the region can also be maximized if technical/trained manpower is available in the relevant areas. The Institute therefore aims that any person who qualifies from the Institute should be readily absorbed in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cement, textile and fertilizer industries as well as public sector projects like Chashma ans Wapda etc. and thus meet the technical human resource needs of not only this region but that of the entire country where ever required.

c.  The Institute aims not only to serve the local populationor any particular ethnic/creed/tribe of Mianwali but its beneficiaries will encompass a bulk of entire southern region of Punjab as well as adjoining areas of N.W.F.P. 

2. Campus Location and structural features:
The Institute spreads over an area of almost 25 acres contributed by local philanthropist family of Hakim Abdul Qayyum Khan. The Institue's Campus is sited in the midst of the unspoilt and nature-rich countryside of Mianwali, in Chah Miana located at a ditance of about 14 kilometers from Mianwali town. The initial construction work has since been completed to start the basic functioning. An area of about 15 acres has been earmarked for main academic  building, workshops and hostels where as a land-mass of about 10 acres has been reserved for providing the residential facilities to the teaching faculty/staff. Besides these, the institute will have a Library with ultimate capacity of at least 100,000 books and magazines, equipped with the state of art facilities.  An auditorium with a seating capacity of 700, a cafeteria to cater for 300 students, a well-equipped gymnasium and a complete Medical Unit etc are also some of the silient features of the Institute's design. All these once completed, will enable a vibrant academic activity on institue's campus, completely independent of the outer world's hassles.

4.  The following Departments/Technologies have been established:

Basic/General Sciences
    .   Physics
    .   Chemistry
    .   Mathematics
    .   English
    .   Islamiat and Pakistan Studies

. Computer Information Technology
. Mechanical Technology
. Electronics technology
. Chemical Technology

5.  The following laboratories/shops/facilities have been established and are fully functional at present :-

. Basic Engineering/Applied Sciences Laboratories

   .Physics Laboratory
   .Spectroscopy Laboratory
   .Drawing/CAD Section

. Computer Information Technology
   .computer Laboratory-1
   (With Lan and web site facilities)
   .Computer Laboratory-2

Mechanical Technology 

  .Machine Shop equipped with

     .Lath machine
     .Milling/Tool lathe
     .Drill Machine (Power)
     .Machine Shop tools and gauges

Mechanical Workshops

    .Metal Shop
    .Welding Shop
    .Wond working shop

.  Electronics Technology

    .Analog & Digital Electronics
    .Circuits and General      Engg/Fabrication Laboratory

.Chemical Technology

  .Chemical Technology
     .Chemical Technology Laboratory-1
      (Chemical Process Engineering)

    .Chemical Technology Laboratory-2

.Technical Library

  Equipped with requisite Text and Reference books

6.Current Programme

    The present activity/progress may be summarized
     as under :-

First Year(New Admission/Session-2003)
.Computer Information Technology--33 students
.Mechanical Technology Section-A  --47 students
.Mechanical Technology Section-B   --48 students
.Electronics Technology                    --43 students
.Chemical Technology                       --50 students

Second Year (Session - 2002)
.Computer Information Technology  A--36students
.Computer Information Technology  B--38students
.Mechanical Technology                        --46students

   Total        341 Students

7.Future programmes
The Institute has the potential and infrastructure available to introduce following addtitional technologies in the near future, provided that required resources are made available:-

.Three years Diploma of Associate  ENgineering in Electrical Technology

.Three years Diploma of Associate Engineering in AC and refrigeration

.Three years diploma of associate engineering in Automotive Technology

.Three years Diploma of Associate Engineering in Welding/Foundry/Mettalurgy

.Three years Diploma of Associate Engineering in Instrumentation

8.Registration & Affiliation

a. The Institute is registered with TEVTA of Punjab Government
b. The Institute is affliated with PBTE.

The Institute by now has reached a "take off" stage. It has already established its validity.To optimize its potential and to meet its expension plans, the institute needs whole hearted moral, material and finacial support of all philanthropists of Mianwali to meet its lofty objective of economic well being ultimately to achieve the poverty alleviation of the area.

We Wish Good Health to Dr. A Q Khan
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