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HAIR REMOVAL: Research hair removal information

Hair Removal Introduction: General information and guidance on popular types of hair removal

Are you one of the many people unsatisfied with the amount of hair on your face or body? This site was put together to help you research different types of permanent and temporary hair removals and the cost associated with them.

Why do people feel the need to remove hair from their bodies? There is no normal medical reason for the removal of human body hair. Hair is believed to be unwanted from the body for social reasons related to the social role of hair in human society. For example, many women in Western cultures shave their body hair in the belief that body hair is not feminine, or in the belief that it makes them look ugly. However, the removing of body hair has also been sometimes used in attempts to eradicate lice or to minimize body odor due to accumulation of perspiration in hair.

Hair grows on most areas of the human body, except for the palms of the hands and the feet, but hair is most noticeable in most people in a small number of areas that are most commonly trimmed, plucked, or shaved. Thes areas are: facial hair, hair on the head, eyebrows, eyelashes, pubic hair, leg hair, and armpit hair. There are many different methods to use when it comes to remvoing hair.

Here is a quick overview of some of the hair removal methods this website covers:

Temporary Hair Removal Methods:
    Depilation hair removal techniques can last several hours to several days and some of those methods are:
  • Shaving or trimming - manually with razors or electric razors
  • Depilatories (creams or "shaving powders" which chemically dissolve hair)
  • Friction (rough surfaces used to buff away hair)

    Epilation hair removal techniques can last several days to several weeks which is a slightly longer form of hair removal than Depilatioin and some of those methods are:
  • Hair Removal using Tweezers (Tweezing)
  • Waxing - this is when a hot or cold layer is applied and then removed with porous strips
  • Sugaring - this is similar to waxing, but with a sticky paste
  • Threading aka fatlah or khite - when a twisted thread catches hairs as it's rolled across the skin
  • Rotary epilators - these are devices which rapidly grasp hairs and pull them out by the root
Permanent Hair Removal Methods: (click the title to learn more about it)
  • Electrolysis Hair Removal - is a type of permanent hair removal in which destruction of living tissue, especially of hair roots, by means of an electric current applied with a needle-shaped electrode.
  • Laser Hair Removal - is another type of permanent hair remvoal in which it removes hair by causing thermal and/or mechanical damage to a hair follicle while sparing surrounding tissues.
  • Flashlamp Hair Removal - is a method used by full spectrum (non-coherent) light and low-range infrared radiation which are filtered to allow a specified range of wavelengths.
Some other hair removal methods that are lasting, but may require continuous use:
  • Prescription oral medications
  • Prescription topical preparation (Vaniqa)
  • Restricted methods
  • X-ray (banned in the United States)
  • Photodynamic therapy (experimental)
Some Doubtful methods:
  • Electric tweezers
  • "Transdermal electrolysis"
  • "Transcutaneous hair removal"
  • Photoepilators
  • Microwaves
  • Foods and Dietary supplements
  • Nonprescription topical preparations (aka "hair inhibitors," "hair retardants," or "hair growth inhibitors")

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