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Welcome the Faery Bibliography, one of the oldest faery sites on the web.

October 20, 2004: I've added a few things to the "Lore and Theory" and "Web Pages" sections. This is only a preface of things to come. I've noticed that the code has become pretty messed up over the years, so when I move this thing to its new home (probably sometime next month), I'll be doing a major overhaul.

Things to Come: At long last, I'm getting around to adding the reviews section. I have a few things around that I said I'd review ages ago and haven't got to yet (blush). I'll be beginning with Jeremy Harte's new book, which looks excellent, and following that with a video, and then another book. I'm also going to try to get permission to post reviews of a couple of things I did for the no-longer-existant Entertainment Tomorrow website. And, eventually (after the site moves to its new home), I'll be adding links for buying books (proceeds to support the site, of course). If anyone has any preference for which bookseller to affiliate with, there's a link to my email somewhere down at the bottom of the page--tell me what you prefer.

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Reference: Lore and Theory

This section is primarily for books about faery lore, although some of the references also contain stories. Most of the references are only about faeries, or have large sections about faeries. I have not included any references with only a small amount of faery information, but I may add some in the future.

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Reference: Story Collections

This section is not very extensive yet, but I am hoping to expand it. I have only included collections that are either only stories about faeries, or have a substantial number of stories about faeries. The folklore collections containing a few faery stories are almost infinite, so I have chosen not to list them (yet, anyway).

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Reference: Theses and Dissertations

This section lists theses and dissertations on faerylore from many disciplines. It isn't very up to date at the moment. In some cases, the works listed here have later been published as books, and since that usually involves some changes, I will also list the works in the "Lore and Theory" section where appropriate. I will note this in the entries for such works, if I am aware of them.

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Novels and Short Story Collections

Most of the books in this section deal with faeries specifically, but some of them are about the land of Faery, or use another term for what could be called a faery. This section includes novels, single-author collections of stories, themed anthologies with stories by many authors, and shared-world anthologies. Many of the books in this section are classified as "young adult", but I have chosen to put them here, rather than in the "Children's Books" section. There are also a few odds and ends which didn't really seem to fit anywhere else.

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Short Stories

These short stories come from a variety of sources including antholgies, collections and magazines. I will try to list all of the places any one story has been published. The list is very short at the moment, but I am working on adding to it.

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Poetry, Drama and Ballads

This section of the Bibliography will eventually list all titles of poems (right now I haven't made a list of Yeats' faery poems, for example), plays with the relevant scenes, and ballads with variant titles.

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Children's Books and Art Books

The "Children's Books" section includes primarily picture books and children's poetry. Anything that could be considered a novel is listed in the "Novels and Story Collections" section. "Art Books" lists books that are primarliy about faery art, or which have more pictures than text. This section also includes a list of contemporary artists who depict faeries in their art.

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Movies, T.V., Comics, and Miscellaneous

This section includes lists of movies and television shows with faeries or similar creatures in them, and comic books which are about faeries or which sometimes have faeries in them (eventually I will list specific issues). I have also included a list of miscellaneous faery related items such as calendars and role-playing games.

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This is the beginnings of what will be a list of places to find faery music. This includes old ballads about faeries as well as contemporary music inspired by faeries. As I come across albums with faery songs I will add them. Iwould also like to have a list of published sheet music at some point.

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Web Pages

This section includes a variety of web resources including encyclopedias, galleries and other kinds of web sites. Instead of trying to link every faery web site out there, I've decided to choose only the best.

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