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Name: Paladus  Akrir

Alias: Osirus the Inanitas-atis

Age: 2,684 yrs

Race: Arcane Blood Demon

Nature: Vampiric/Demonic

Weight: unknown

Height: 5'12"

Eyes: Ruby

Hair: Black

Skin tone: Pale

Body Type: Average/Toned Muscular build

Astrological sign: Virgo

Elemental: Light

Skills: Sword fighting, dark age's weaponry specialist, Forgotten magics,& Telekinesis.

Fighting style: Black/Dark Arts an spells, knight sword projection/berserker sword techniques.

Trained & Mastered weaponry: Broad sword, Long sword, Bastard sword,Claymore, Axe, Pike, Spear, Maul, Mace, Flail, Mourning star, Knives.

Occupation: Ex soldier in Holy War, Liche, & Warlord, Poet.

A bit about Paladus

Paladus otherwise known as Osirus the Inanitas-atis, a man dressed always in black when possible, his choice of clothing mostly velvet an softer fabrics.
Paladus a man with a barely remembered past, only faded diary entry's tell of his of days gone past, his days numbering for to many, well over two thousand years an still he remains, his life seeming to lose meaning though he still finds him self alive pushing to rise upon the ladder of success.
Osirus finding him self a natural to slaving, years of fighting within the holy wars taking prisoners had given him the experience needed within forms of torture, years of time increasing his every ability giving him quite the upper hand over most. Osirus seeming weak & human like through just tricks, most fooling those whom watch him so closely.
Paladus otherwise known as Osirus the inanitas-atis normally wears black velvet baggy pants, a hooded black velvet coat extending to his heels,, beneath his coat he wears a white linen shirt, belt with a sheath for Paladus's prized serrated claymore not always worn by Osirus, black leather boots with mythril plating.
Pale chalky white skin across his body mostly conceiled beneath his clothing, Paladus having eyes which look of Ruby gems, they look nearly exactly like the stone, though living tissue within his case.
Paladus a average build man, his body extremely enhanced to what it once was, Paladus's long life has given him unspoken ability's within that which he has aquired within over two thousand years of life he has come to know.
Paladus not born a arcane blood demon, though merely a unlucky soul whom was changed, but not fully true within the case of Paladus, as he wished to join the side of the dark, as he hated the earth realm which he once lived ever changing, with it he now finds victims to feed upon, eating the race he once was was within the numbers of, now nothing more then food..
Paladus quite cruel at times though, at times he has been known to be a kind man.
Osirus now a Lord of a small kingdom with a new born son,  as he rules with a iron fist lusting for greaters powers as days consume him into a endless spiral of pain & agony..
Osirus has found him self a within the company of a half breed named Seren, though she was not truly what she seemed as she was gifted, she was ever changing between the two forms angel & demon, never fully in one form for to long, the conflict of the two causing her great pain.
Osirus has taken her in & changed her into a full blooded arcane blood demon like him self, now she has his same cravings & never strays far from his side, as she is truly loyal to him, he holds a special place within his black heart , caring for her more then he should but no one could tell him otherwise of what to do as Paladus through his life time become a greatly stubborn man.
Paladus's company also consists of his loyal Kajira Leila whom was freed from her Kajira duties & set free over a lengthly period of time, though a strong bond still remains between her & her former master.
History Of Paladus

It was a cold day in the year when one day Paladus's father came home drunk again stinking like shit Yelling & talking loud upon entering the home of his birth , Yet upon entering Paladus was already hidden from his father who searched the house to take out his anger upon him storming around yelling a screaming "PALADUS COME OUT YOU CHILD, WERE  ARE YOU BOY...?" Paladus being the brave child he was steps out from his hiding place looking upon his father drawing his sword given to him by his father at a young age as his father came storming towards him drawing his own sword.
Paladus steps back taking a defensive position which surprised his father alot as he suddenly knew Paladus was not going to hold still an take the beating he swung out at Paladus with his own sword...

Having done just the same Paladus attacked as well his blow landing as his drunken father struck the wall his sword stoping just before striking Paladus with a fatal blow, while on the other hand Paladus's blow fatally hit his father spraying blood forth like red rain upon the connection of the attack making his father slowly drop to his knee's as his body began to shut down before Paladus's eyes leaving him in a state of shock.
Paladus covered in the blood of his father rushed from the house running with what ever he could carry not looking back as he knew what he had done would get him killed for most would not see it as self defence yet murder so he ran away out in to the massive world filled with dangerous evils.
Paladus living a few summers on his own within a shack in the woods killing animal life or what he could to survive stealing what ever else he needed from the near by towns till the one hot summer when war broke out an Paladus knew this was what he needed being highly intelligent from teaching him self upon the things learning every day on his own he ran away yet again at the age of sixteen to join the war front.
Months of training at the Castles in the surrounding land, then it was finally time to go into the first battle for Paladus his heart at a calm state as well as his mind as he looked across the battle field at the other mass of forces with a calm blank face, The general sounded the charge as all the men in perfect rythem took to a dash storming across the field drawing their weapons an screaming loudly random vulgar war crys & things before the violent crash of the two army's sending limb's an blood flying into the air as horrid screams an violent battle crys were heard across the land from the bloody battle, Two years went by before Paladus met a women who stole his heart instantly upon seeing her fell in love as she melted his cold front he holds towards every one.
One day upon a stroke of luck Paladus was given a higher position within the army he joined as his head of command giving him the longing chance to higher his mental knowledge an study  the arts an every thing around him furthering his knowledge of the massive world around his small being while the war had ended . Paladus sent home having studied he fell into never ending hell of his own mind, magic created the pain that fueled his minds never dying lust for knowledge caused Paladus to fall into the arms of evil, he followed the lust an pushed further finding the dark arts gaining dark gifts through promises to the darkness, Paladus lost him self within the pain an suffering of those whom had died in the war, till one day those screams in which he longed to remember became that of enjoyment an his new lust as he was given a place in the army of the darkness fighting the never ending Holy war Paladus pushed forth his never ending life time to learn further studying the dark arts becoming  powerful Liche like no other before him, Paladus's power became greater like an the darkness abused him making him use his powers to help push the front lines forward slowly increasing the moral of the darkness in the war of the Heaven & Hell.
Through time Paladus Escaped his mind becoming twisted he lives for his lust of blood but through his undying lust of knowledge he keeps the lust for death an carnage at bay within his mind the screams of thousands echoing in his thoughs of the past.
Paladus moved from the forces of the darkness to become a rogue Liche hiding him self always on the move a criminal in the eyes of the Heavens an a traitor to Hells army of darkness.
Paladus still living among the mortal beings watching them live & fall, days passing so quickly they seem like seconds, constantly having to have kept on the run, a life time of chase, Paladus finally free from those hunting him.
One day upon comming upon a large tomb, Paladus found him mind filled with idea's of how to spend his time, finding a new occupation, a new pass time, a way to make money now that the war was no longer faught upon the plains which he roamed, the world a mass of enemy's now, Paladus loks to seek those he can to comfort his aged soul, two thousand years of exsistance his days have been long, him mind & body growing stronger each day he continues to live & breath.
The tomb Paladus found that faithful day now has become a tavern, a Inn constructed above has given him another source of income, from the darkersouls whom seem to inhabit his company, drink of his wines an sleep in his Inn.
Many days have come to pass within his dark home.
Paldus still searching his days for the one to make his exsistance easier, though he surrounds him self with company of slaves to keep company, now a fear of being alone oddly plagues him.
Osirus has done well & moved on since the days of slavery which had his heart captured, as fond memory's of brutal cries of torment to slaves rung loudly within his ears feeding his mind with thoughts of pleasure & pain.
Osirus has excelled far since he left the dors of Exile of Souls behind & locked moving to a kingdom which he had held rule over for many years as he built his income at steady rates to feed the building of his castle which he now resides within the company of his new born son along with the demoness Serendipity whom roams about the castle walls & struggles her best to keep within his good favor for within her heart she craves only him,Osirus never changing always cold & creul could never give to her what she so craved along with his Kajira Leila whom now roams searching for some thing upon being set free when Osirus laid his whip to rest & gave up slavery.
Since Osirus has come to find his beloved Raven the mother to his son Nicodemus has moved on often leaving his home returning when she pleases that is if she pleases amongst her wanderings, now Osirus tends to his sons needs & feedings helping him to grow to be some thing even more wicked then that which spawned him, Osirus forever struggling not to allow his heart to fall again, as he feels it never will ever again, for to much torment & pain has plagued his life, as he for so long felt mercy for those whom he killed till his died & became like a void, never again feeling the remorse of his humanity which still lingers within his being.
Since the loss of his son Osirus has faced many trials & tests, many offering to take his life should he have lost the battles he was forced into waging.
Much has happened in his life for his beloved Raven, a bitter vixen & fake, a succubus which lead him astray from those whom cared for him, though of dark demonic status, his heart turned colder with the loss of his only son, no kin he remains stronger then ever, the many trails faced having increased his powers & reign over his lands, many new souls having joined his side to aid him, none more powerful then his demonic shadow Von, though his army's at command guard his home land while at home his freed Kajira Leila has once again returned though not as she once was, now stronger bearing new skills & crafts, though Seren ever loyal never strayed far from osirus's side in those long days which those Osirus see's as family now found their place at his side .
Many new found strengths have arisen within Osirus in these troubled time, his element changing causing him great weakness but over whelming power against the foes of the dark in which he faces, his secret still remaining hidden amongst those whom guard & love him.
Osirus remains never wishing to marry again, for he was turned down once before by the two women he craved to hold, to him pricless treasures Leila & Seren, both diffrent in their own ways, but both special peices within the life of Osirus.
Long days draw out, Osirus living now in peace his lands having been ravaged by war & hatred of for his foes which challenge his strength & union, the castle now lay in humble ash, Osirus having ordered Von to destroy it along with any remains of those memory's which once remained there.
The tavern which he held in the harbor city never left his heart for many of his fondest of memory's never left those walls, so thus he remains within the company of many...

The Art used on my site is the soul works of the artists, in no way am i attempting to take credit for these works, i am using them simply for the use of my character in rp.
The story above is my own & in no way may it be copyed, for it is copyrighted by law.
The home land of Paladus a cold hearted souless place of living filled with many races of beasts an humans beings, all just as cruel an hating as the next, yet some as beautiful as angels an just as sweet an kind hearted as well.
A deserted dusty place with crys an screams always echoing from far away distances, thought to be the grounds of  the devils handy work spoken only of by the bravest an strongest of warriors an adventurers, Most believing it to be one of the past battle grounds of Heaven & Hell,  A place with no real name & left behind scorched an lifeless from past events.
The Symbol of both Physical & Eternal life the "Ankh" worn by Paladus Akrir over his heart to seal his life & his love to the one whom has given him the symbol in  which he wears so very proudly as it brings him the only happiness within his troubled life in which he lives.
Paladus not a true follower of god yet still a believer seeing as he has fought within the wars which are waged between Heaven an Hell he knows of the power & some of the truth of life.
The Ankh Pendant worn around Paladus's neck is solid silver with a silver chain which comes down from his neck keeping the Ankh symbol over his heart sealing his love for her forever long after his death the Ankh shall keep seal his love for her even in the after life, yet though it may seem to be easy to remove it is some thing Paladus holds dear to him along with her & would never give up even at the cost of his own life.
Ankh Symbol of Life & Eternal life
Age : 2,684 yrs old

Race : Arcane Blood Demon

Weight : Unknown

Eyes : Pale White

Hair : Long Silver/white

Skin tone : faded, dead.

Astrological Sign : None

Elemental : White/Holy

Personal history :

The personal history of this form is mostly for the most part unknown, as it is  the demon within Paladus, it rages constantly within his being, but it is merely his true Arcane blood demon form hungering to escape from within his being.
The form massive form once taken is the most powerful form Osirus holds, it  is the demon which took over his being , though he does have some limited control, but as little as it is makes it harder for him to keep those he cares for from harm.
Recently the form was reveiled & Paladus has found it as a source to tap ultimate strength from his own being , while also using it to work his dark crafts & spells.
Osirus as the days continue to go by finds more ways to use this raging force within him while keeping it under control while bettering his power hungry self.

" Not having mercy for life is one thing, Enjoying the killing is some thing altogether diffrent.. "
Home Lands of Paladus Akrir
" I was born of flesh & blood, i was reborn to crave that which i was...now the world loaths & despises me..the random few which cross thy path may they see me for whom i once was..thus i say let live...let be..what is.."
I would like to thank everyone whom has crossed the path of Paladus Akrir to those who know him now as Osirus. i only wish in the comming days in which i shall play his role through his life that all those whom once crossed paths or swords even exchanged words or glances, may we meet again, & may this time we unfold new stories & wonders, many years of role playing has given me one thing, a positive & truly brilliant imagination for fantasy of all sorts thus i beg those of you whom read this., we need to not let Role play die, for so many great story tellers of the future rest within its hands, though not all, we shall bare to lose alot if we forget the arts of role play, thus i request all those whom once enjoyed the art to try it again for it seems so hard for most to show the vivid colorful imaginations they hold. which is far to sad of a thing to see, i pray for the future of role play, for as long as i still live & breath may it only blossom into the beautiful flower it always was & was ment to be.

With that said i say thank you once more to those whom wish to keep role play alive, may it never die.

Paladus Akrir A.k.a Osirus the Inanitas-atis