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7/11/03 Been a real long time... Im still racin mostly on Zombies. I decided to post a basic setup for ZombiesPlace. This will work for Daytona as well as Dega
Get it here
Join us at ZombiesPlace its COLD but great racin there for NR2003....
here is a link to there web site.
8/20/02 Posted NR2002 Setups fo
r Zombies Place........ look in the NR2002 sect.
8/18/02  I have updated the links page. Added Zombies place. A great place for Arcade style racing in NR2002. Also I will soon be eliminating some of the older pages like N3 and some of the Heat stuff. I need the space for other things, so if there is somthing ya want get it now............
8/15/02  Are You looking for a Heat League? Check this out
. click here
8/08/02   Posted 2 new setups for NR2002

Need a short break from racing? Check this out. Ive created a couple of games. Go here to get them.>
>Hals Games

3/8/02  New F1 Heat page added. 2 Setups for F1 added. Updated the links page.
2/13/02 Here is another Sound for Nascar Heat. I have eliminated the noise and decreased the volume so the spotter can be heard.
1/21/02 I have posted an Options.cfg file. Hoping this will help some with multiplayer hosting and playing problems get it >
>Here   Please READ the ReadMe file first..................
I have made New Sounds for Nascar Heat.  I believe these are closer to the Nascar 2002 sounds. "You be the judge"  click here>>
New Sounds

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