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Updated: 8/9/01

Wow this is ages from update. The last thing we've heard is that filming of the two Matrix sequels has begun, though it must have been on some kind of mini break because Keanu was touring with Dogstar during June and July. Check out Dogstar's offical page to see if you missed them - they're not even getting close to me :(
Keanu also has a movie coming out next month called Hardball. Check out the offical site until the movie opens! :)
A report straight from the Registry!!
Angela saw Keanu (and the rest of Dogstar) at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC on June 19, 1997. I'm soo JEALOUS! To read more about it, visit: Angela's Dogstar Experience
Another Sighting! - FiFiButterfly saw Keanu waiting for a cab in Sydney, Australia in June of last year. Read about her encounter here!
Another Sighting! - Hathor reports that her friends' niece was an extra in The Matrix. *Sigh* lucky girl!
Another Sighting! - Jjacks saw Keanu in Baltimore, when she was an extra for Keanu's upcoming football movie The Replacements. Read about it here!

Updated: 8/9/01

No real information that we've heard lately. It's been kinda quite on the Val front, as Val kinda disappeared after Red Planet bombed. I heard he had a small part in the Oscar nominated film Pollock but I never saw it.
Val's next movie is The Salton Sea which is supposed to be out later this year but I haven't read or seen anything about it, so we'll see.
A report straight from the Registry!!
Eve saw Val driving by while she was out walking her dog in Santa Fe, NM

Updated: 8/9/01

Holy cow I just cleaned out old information... to sum up about 2 years, Brad married Jennifer Aniston (the one we reported him cavorting about Hollywood with) and their publicists insist they are not expecting. Rumour here in Washington state was that they had bought a house in North Bend which is kind of a suburb of Seattle I guess you'd say. One of our news stations tried to follow that story so hard but they never found out anything. Me thinks that some gossip is probably quite proud of themselves. I say if Brad and Jennifer want to move to North Bend, go for it, as long as they stay off the freeway when I'm on it... the traffic is bad enough the way it is!
Professionally, The Mexican is new on video and the last thing I heard is that Brad's next movie with Robert Redford is being delayed.. Anybody know anymore?



We though Ed TV was great and now it's on video! Check it out.
We saw him on an awards show presenting "best hissy fit" to Sandra Bullock, other than that, we have no other news on Matthew.


I Woke Up Early the Day I Died is FINALLY coming to a theater near you! The website is up, take a look! (and they listed us as one of Billy's links! Cool!)
Billy has also premiered the Good News Network and has been seen on talk shows promoting it.
Billy is also reported to be dating his Cleopatra costar Leonora Varela. Cleopatra was on awhile back, but unfortunately, both Brooke and I missed it. Let us know what you thought!

Look for Billy in Marilyn Manson's video for "Dope Show". Billy can be seen in the limo wearing a leisure suit and a platinum wig!
-- We have a report straight from the Registry! Jeza saw Billy Zane in dowtown Toronto in September at the Toronto Film Festival where he was promoting one of his movies.


David and his wife Teá had a little girl! Madelaine West was born April 24, 1999. She weighed 7lb and 8oz and was 20.5 inches. CONGRATS!!
In other news, David is suing the makers of the X-Files, claiming he has been cheated out of millions of dollars in revenue or something. Atleast he's not suing over a song out now entitled David Duchovny, Why Won't You Love Me? (sorry, but I can't recall the name of the artist, but the song is hilarious!)


The season is more than half over and unfortunately Alex didn't make it to the All-Star Game this year (that stupid injury)! He's still doing really well though. There's been a lot of talk lately about how the Mariners are going to afford both Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex after next year when both their contracts are up for renewal. We hope that Alex isn't sent away becuase he's definitely the best shortstop in the majors!
Last local sightings (besides games) included the book signing at the University Village Barnes and Noble that Brooke and I went to. It was pretty cool.
-- We have a report straight from the Registry! Andrena Ross has met Alex twice, both times at the Metrodome in Minneapolis (visit the Reported Sightings to read her full report!) we are soooo jealous Andrena!!.


We're anxiously awaiting the new season of E.R, where the departure of George Clooney should lead to a juicier role for Noah. He's definitely the hunk on staff now!
In other news, keep an eye out for Cosmo's All About Men issue (Noah's on the cover!) You should be able to find it on newstands all summer!
Congrats to Noah and his fiancee Tracy Warbin! Noah proposed on Valentine's Day this year!


Nick has a new movie in production with Chris O'Donnell (drool! :P~~ double GOD movie...) We can't wait!
We're very disappointed that Nick didn't show up in the X-Files movie, but we're glad to see he appeared in some recent episodes of the show. We've also heard some rumors that Nick was up for his own show on FOX but unfortunately he didn't get it. :(


Chris has a new movie in production with Nick Lea (drool! :P~~ double GOD movie...) We can't wait!
We've seen just a few little snippets on Chris. In people magazine there was a picture from the upcoming Bachelor awhile back. Cookie's Fortune came and went in theaters likethis! It should be on video soon. We're looking forward to seeing more of Chris!


It's been kinda quite regarding Dean, though they have been showing Dogboy on cable and Best Men is on video (I'm assuming this is new - it being on video I mean)
We're sad to report that Dean broke up with his fiance Mindy McCready :( I saw him on MTV shortly after it returned to Time Square and he was very tight lipped about his personal life. We're really sorry Dean. :(


Following the recent death of director Stanley Kubrick, people are speculating what's going to happen with Tom's next movie Eyes Wide Shut. Roughcut was reporting on a preview for it, and apparently it WILL be out this summer. Here's hoping! We've been missing Tom!


Is making the rounds on talk-shows in the U.S. hyping Lethal Weapon 4.
A tabloid is also reporting that Mel is fighting some kind of illness. If this is true, we hope you're feeling better soon Mel!


The Beach should be out in a little while and the last thing we've heard about Leo is that he's trying to copyright his name (I guess he was really unhappy about the song "Hey Leonardo"....we think that sucks -Leo, not the song.)
Last local sighting in Seattle at the Sonic vs. Lakers game. (Congrats to the Lakers, who proceeded into the finals after that game - Leo was rooting for them.)


It's been a busy month for Ethan.
Congrats to him and his wife Uma Thurman on the birth of their daughter Maya!
Ethan is also reported to be working on a film in New York with Val Kilmer.
Before getting married, he was filming Snow Falling on Cedars in Washington State.


Nothing Lately.....


MAJOR events coming soon!


MAJOR events coming soon!

Robert Sean

Hopefully something coming soon!


Recently filled in for the host of MTV Live and also appeared in Can't Hardly Wait.
Sliders is back on the air with new episodes. Check it out on the Sci-Fi Channel!


Ten Things I Hate About You should be out on video very soon. In the meantime, Heath is making a movie with fellow GOD Mel Gibson. The movie, Patriot is rumored to be set during the Revolutionary War.


Can be seen on the syndicated television series Mortal Kombat: Conquest (Check your local listings; in the Pugest Sound area its on Channel 10/22 KTZZ/WB) On another note, he did make People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People Issue last year.


We just heard a rumor, that Matt and his long time girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, are as good as married. (we're just waiting for pictures via the Enquirer! LOL) - WOAH! This is outdated! We'll have some new info on Matt VERY soon!!!!


Hope Floats came out on video today. Support Harry's acting career by going out and renting it. What the heck, it was a good movie, go out and buy it! (We recommend Reel.com if you want to do it online!)

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