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HALLAM MARINE HOBBY is an appointed distributor for CMB Motori Italia. The full range of CMB Marine Engines, Tuned Pipes, Spare Parts and Accessories are now in stock.

CMB Motori Italia are world leaders in Performance Model Marine Engines and well known for their powerful, strong and reliable engines with high quality Italian craftsmanship. CMB only manufacture High End Competition Race Engines to enable our customers success at any level of competition. The latest range of performance CMB Engines feature many new technical advances to keep you ahead of the rest this season.

2007 CMB MOTOR PRICING in US funds

  MOTOR SIZE                                                   PRICE                                    SPECIAL

21rs OFF ROAD                                       $395.

21rs OFF ROAD pro                            $425.

21rs  ON ROAD                                     $395.

21rs INBOARD                                      $445.

21rs OUTBOARD                                  $455.

21VALVOLA                                           $480.

45RS                                                        $525.

45HYDRO - RED HEAD                         $495.

67HYDRO                                                $525.

80RS                                                        $510.

91HR                                                        $675.

101rs                                                       $700.