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Let me first welcome you to my cyber home
It's just my own personal loved filled dome
I deeply hope and pray that in some small way
You'll leave here with a peice of love that will stay

I want you to know this is just my cyber home base
A place to meet you and to share God's Grace
He's given to me, more than I could ever tell
I come to know that His love will always preveal

Don't you ever hestitate to drop me a line
I'm one that cares if you aren't doing fine
I hope you never leave here with an empty heart
Sharing God's love with you is a special thing on my part

God does promise not to send more than we can bare
He keeps that promise when He sends one with whom we can share
Although sorrows, losses, heartaches, and trials must be
My prayers through my own is that God will use me

Use me as His vessel to send you His Love never ending
To pray you'll recieve all the love & blessings He's sending
Prayer to recognize our strength and Hope for all our tomorrows
Is found only in Him, who will drown our every sorrows

He will get you through what seems an impossible task
Just trust in Him to recieve whatever you ask
He sits in the heavens waiting to hear from you today
Just for the asking His unconditional love will come your way

GloriaRanes ~
copyright July 26, 2004
Original Poem Dedicated to Baby Riley:

Author Gloria Ranes

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Site's Dedications:

First & fostmost, after Jesus Christ, this site is dedicated
to a dear, special, God given friend, Ann Simmons, who worked
endlessly to create my very first original site, for without her
my dream may have never been possible. I also make mention of another
dear friend, Mary Catherine, who aided in making my dream a reality.
Thank you so much Ann, I will never forget you! May GBU always MC, ((())).

And also I give big thank-you to Dot McEntire for all her time, her heart,
& her talent, creating my new unique backgrounds for my updated site,
I wouldn't be here today working on my own if not for all her patience
Thank you Dot, My dear Sister & My dear Friend.

The Original Dedication will always stand on this site in humble appreciation:

This Site Built With Love By:
Ann Simmons created for My New Friend, Gloria
and Her Beautful, Maya



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