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anime by example

Welcome to the renovated Anime by Example!
This site is intended to supplement other drawing
tutorials you come across, and is by no means standalone!


Updated 11/20/2001 == SITE HAS MOVED IN HERE!
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Okay... Been awhile... still nothing new, except that
now I am denied FTP access, which really hurts me... not like
anything was updated anyway but still...

Oh man... I really slipped up. So there's been this form.htm
tutorial page up for the longest time... but it's got this comment
by me about how I liked the picture of Miaka because it is a white
picture. By white I was referring to the picture background, not
Miaka. Well, I obviously wasn't being obvious enough in my
comment, and due to that a terrible misunderstanding very well
may have tarnished my reputation, if I had any to start with...
I am truly sorry. What else can I say? I screwed up. The page is

Okay, if you haven't noticed, I moved. Why, you ask? WELL...
That's because I have a 3GB site access limit for geocities, and
this site overran my personal site. I had to section it. Don't know
if this is allowed or not, but I don't see why not.

I remembered that quite a few people have been asking
the link to SIMON JONES'S PAGE. However, I don't have it.
What's more, I can't find the link to his page if I DO have it,
and with FAHQ long gone, I can't easily retrieve it.

Simon, if you're reading this, please give me your site
address! I'm begging you!


Sorry for not updating as frequently, but I do have other
things to do as well. Just a note, some of the stuff on this
site is actually MY stuff that I personally drew (i.e. logo,
sketches, etc.), so please don't redistribute my pictures
without my permission! You can download them for your
own personal usage.

Other pictures on this site I have no real jurisdiction over,
such as the various Fushigi Yuugi and Evangelion pictures.
I'm not very clear on copyright policy, so I'm going to go
ahead and use other anime studio's pictures. It's not like
I'm trying to resell them, but do note that if asked by these
establishments, I will have to take them down. Download
them if you like too, and distribute them as you see fit, as
that is how I got the majority of these imported images.
You don't need to ask my permission for that-- I can't give
it to you anyway.

I'm sorry, it's my fault for not making the distinction more
clear. I'll probably make a makeshift "images cited" area
at a later time.

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This site is still going to be updated at a slow pace
but, I figured that when I updated the rest of my
aging web site, I should update AnimeX as well.

So I did. Here it is.