Study Questions

1. What country was Hamlet a Prince in? Denmark
2. How did Ophelia die? She drowned herself
3. Was Gertrude a part in planning Hamlet's death? No
4. Did Hamlet truly love Ophelia? yes
5. Who killed the late King hamlet? Claudius
6. When did the ghost appear to hamlet and the guards? At midnight
7. Who is the only main character that lives though the play? Horatio
8. Who says the famous line "to be or not to be; that is the question"? Hamlet
9. Why does Laertes want revenge on Hamlet? For killing Polonius
10. What does hamlet hate about Gertrude's relationship with Claudius? Incest
11. Where was Hamlet sent to be killed? England
12. Why did Hamlet change the actors play? To find out about Claudius' guilt
13. Why is there a pearl in the wine that hamlet is supposed to drink? To poison him
14. Why does the ghost disappear? The sun is about to rise
15. Why is Polonius sneaking around hamlet? To figure out his motives in Ophelia and Claudius
16. How was Laertes killed? The poison on the sword hamlet struck him with
17. Why is Yorick's skull important? It shows what happens physically in death
18. Why does Ophelia go crazy? The man she loves killed her father
19. Who makes up the fencing bet between Laertes and Hamlet? Claudius
20. What does Polonius think made hamlet crazy? Ophelia not returning love to hamlet