Well, hi thanks for visiting my web page. As you probably know by now that this web page is about me. So are you looking forward to knowing me better ? well hang  on tight here we go,

I am Handan Wahbi (my name can come a bit weird to you but thats because I am from Turkey). I go to Ogilvie High School and I am grade 8. I enjoy well at least try to enjoy all of my subjects but most of all I totally love French and I mean it well and trully it is  awesome.

I live with my family and have two brothers and no sisters. My dad is an overseas pharmacist and so is my muum an overseas dentist.

But all over I am a .. well I don't  know how to describe my self so here is what my friens think about me;

Handan is a great friend ,kind and happy and mostly always calm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( not before a test) Kirsty.
My friend Handan is cute and fuzzy, she likes to eat lots of yummies. Georgia.
Handan  is a great friend, she is always there for me. Amy
Well hope you have an idea how I am!
By the way I am avarage height and have dark hair and eyes.
Well I guess that?s it by now but don?t forget to visit my page reguarly ,how do you know it might change a lot! Oh I nearly forgot I advice you to visit my brothers page it is better.

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TURKIYE-my other page
AMY'S-my friends
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Handan Wahbi
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