The Aerobics Class
by Tim
Well, itís Wednesday night, and Brad is at his usual position.  At the back door of the Community center, peeking in thru the back door.  You need to realize, that Wednesday night is the night for Aerobics class at the center, and Brad is nearly always on hand to watch the gals work out.   Have you ever noticed that the gals who come to these classes usually donít need to work out? They all have tight buttocks, firm legs, and look great in those leotards, tights, and sneakers.  Especially those sneakers. What with his ladies shoe fetish and all.
What Brad didnít know, is that the instructor, a tall, taught, yet delightfully cute woman named Julie, was aware of his snooping.  Yup, she had seen him hanging around before class, and noticed him peeking in thru the large back door.  One other thing he didnít know...Julie and the girls had a plan this evening.
About halfway thru the last class, Brad noticed Julie tell the class to keep it up, while she left the room for a moment.  Shortly there after, Tammi, probably her best, hardest working student left the class as well.  Little did he know, that Julie had left the room, and snuck up behind him, outside, as he continued to peek in the door. In a flash, she had grabbed his free arm (the one not holding the door open about an inch) pulled it behind him, and locked a handcuff on it. Before he realized what had happened, she grabbed his other hand, and had him securely cuffed.  She had run across his postings in an news group, and new he had loved bondage, plus she knew about his fetish for womens shoes. He turned, and noticed Julie, and simply said "hi", she said, "Hi. Just thought weíd let you know we have a special class for peeping Toms".  About now, Brad realized he wasnít wearing any normal pair of handcuffs. These were the ones with the hinge between the cuffs, rather than the customary short chain.  They were firmly locked on, and there was no free movement whatsoever.  This discovery excited him even more than just being handcuffed by the beauty that had ambushed him.
Shortly, Tammi appeared.  She assisted Julie in bringing Brad into the large room of the community center. By this time, class had ended, and the girls had gone home. All except Susan.  Susan had expressed her interest in Brad to her teacher, and had wondered if Julie knew anything about him.  What Susan didnít know, was that Julie had made plans for them to become very well acquainted.  As Susan approached the three, Julie took the opportunity to introduce the two.  Susan had not noticed Bradís hands were cuffed behind his back.  While Julie was making the introductions, Tammi stepped behind Susan, and latched one side of an ankle cuff to her ankle. As Susan looked down to see what was happening, Tammi quickly locked the other cuff to Bradís ankle. Julie and Tammi stood back, taking in the view of Brad with his hands cuffed behind his back, while ankle cuffed to Susan.  Susan was rather petite. Stood about 5í3", quite short, next to Bradís 6í2"frame.
Julie announced that is was almost time for the workout to begin. Susan was still dressed in her leotard and tights, (black) with pink leg warmers, and  high top  aerobic shoes.  Brad, however, was instructed to dress for the workout as well. Julie produced matching tights, leotard, leg warmers and even aerobic sneakersís for Brad to wear.  To facilitate a clothing change,  Brads ankle cuff was removed, and locked on Susans other ankle, and her hands were handcuffed together in front of her.  She was then instructed to help Brad get into his tights.  This was quite a job, with his hands cuffed in back, and hers cuffed in front.  Then the leotard was pulled up over his legs. The leg cuff was removed from one of Susans ankles, and back onto Brad. His handcuffs were removed, and  arms placed into the leotard. his hands were then quickly cuffed behind him again, as Susan put on his sneakers, and laced them up.
Julie then announced to Tammi that these two should get better acquainted and left the room.  Brad and Susan were left, his hands cuffed behind, hers in front, and cuffed together by a pair of ankle cuffs.  By now, they both realized that they were each enjoying their predicament, and that, yes, they actually did have sexual feelings between each other.   Naturally, in their current position, any form of sex was not really possible, but they proceeded to talk and kiss for quite sometime.
After an hour of so had passed, Julie and Tammi returned, to find our couple very well acquainted.  Then were then taken to the exercise room.  It was time to work out.  For the next several hours, our twosome was strapped, tied, or locked into a variety of exercise equipment.   The were placed on work out "bikes" next to each other. Wrists cuffed to the handlebars. Feet tied tightly into the pedals.  Machines turned on and left to run for the longest time.  Being an experienced aerobics teacher, and having medical training, Julie knew exactly how much they could take, and didnít force them past their limits.  It was during this session, that Brad caught a glimpse of Tammi & Julie kissing, briefly, thru the doorway from the workout room, into the office.  Lesbians!  Nothing wrong with that, Brad assessed, but this knowledge was filed away for future reference.
After exercise "class" was done. Brad and Susan were removed from the gear,  and stripped. Their hands were simply tied behind their backs.  They were both blindfolded.Then gagged.  Brad was sat down (so was Susan, but he didnít know it).  He could feel different shoes being placed on his feet, and some sort of strap was being secured around his ankles. He heard a padlock lock..then another...then another, and another. Four locks.  Susan must be having the same experience. They were then both stood up.  Whoa! Now Brad found out what shoes he was wearing.  Very high heels!  As near as he could tell, they had straps around the ankles, which were probably locked on!  It was very difficult to walk, not having a lot of high heel experience, and with balance being what it is with your hands behind your back.  They were taken for a short walk, and their gags were removed.  Julie asked Brad if he was prepared to give himself completely to Susan.  To belong to her, and only her, for the rest of his life. Brad said "yes". Then the same question was asked of Susan, and she also replied "yes". "Good" said Julie, "because you will now be identified as each others property, from this day on"   Still blindfolded, Susan, being led by Tammi, and Brad being led by Julie, they were walked a short distance, and bent slightly. His hands were untied from behind his back. It was now that Brad realized that he was being locked into some type of Pillory.  Head and wrists.  Then, his feet were spread slightly, and his ankles were being locked into some form of stocks.  All arranged in such a manner as to have his ass sticking out.  Naked, blindfolded, in high heels, and locked in stocks and pillory. What more could a man want?  Julie asked the pair, again "you are sure you will belong to each other from this day on? both replied "yes".  At that point Brad felt something cold on his ass. A liquid of some sort.  Then, he heard a loud buzzing.  A sound much like an electric razor..but much louder.  Then, more buzzing, in front of him, and off to his right.  What the this point the blindfolds were removed from our couple.  Both naked.  locked in stocks and pillories, and both in 4 ½" high heel, red patent pumps with ankle straps...straps with padlocks in them. The sting on his ass, and the yelp from Susan got his attention, and they both realized, at the same time, that they were getting tattoos on their asses!
After what seemed like hours...with that needle like pain, and annoying dual buzzing droning on and on, the artists were completed. They packed up, and left.  Tammi & Julie appeared, and unlocked our freshly branded couple from their pillories, their feet still in the stocks.  Each then had their hands tied behind them.  Their feet were then removed from the stocks, and they were placed back to back, as their wrists were tied tightly together.  In their high heels, tied back to back, and with their still stinging asses, they were led to the back door, and out to Julieís mini van.  They were tossed in the back, and the van took off.  Our couple was then walked into the woods outside of town.  Their ankles were tied together, and Susan left them a duffel bag, and drove off.
Brad and Susan wiggled their way over to the duffel, and found a small pocket knife inside. It wasnít too difficult to cut the ropes holding their wrists together behind them. They then removed the ropes around their ankles.  In the bag were two large towels.  Our couple then took the towels to try and cover themselves, and walked toward town. The walk was slow and difficult for Brad, as they were still both locked into their high heels.  Susan, having worn heels before had an easier time of it.  They arrived at a gas station outside of town, and snuck into the restroom. Fortunately, the restroom door was outside, on the side of the building, and luckily, wasnít locked.  For the first time they would see the tattoos on their butts. Brads was one side of a pair handcuffs, with the words "Property of Susan" inside the circle of the closed cuff, and, naturally, Susans was the other half of the handcuffs, with the words "Property of Brad" inside the cuff.  They both giggled and embraced, and Brad noticed a box on the floor reflecting in the mirror.  Upon opening the box, they found matching sets of sweats, matching ladies  athletic shoes, a key, and a pair of handcuffs.  The key fit the padlocks in their high heel ankle straps. Brad was glad to get those off!  They put on their matching outfits, and their matching shoes, and got ready to walk the 4 miles to town.  But wait...there was still a pair of handcuffs in the box. Brad and Susan looked at each other, smiled, and cuffed themselves together, side by side, and headed for town.  Neither one had realized that they did not have a handcuff key!

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