Jessy's Month in Chains
By Truman

Jessy, a 18-year-old girl from Chicago, loves to be handcuffed and bound
with chains, rope, or in medical restrains. She lived alone with her mother
and her younger brother, Jimmy. Her mother also enjoyed being bound. About
2 months ago, Jessy and her Mother went to a party and they met one of her
mom’s friends, Tim, from high school. The two talked while Jessy got some
pop to drink. After a while Tim pulled her aside to a dark corner of the
room and told her to put her hands on her head! She was a little shocked,
but she slowly put her hands on her head. She felt his hands move up her
waist to her chest then back down her legs. Then she felt the cold steel
cuffs enclose her right wrist. He then pulled her hands down behind her
back and locked the other cuff on her left wrist. He grabbed her by the arm and
pulled her to her mother. “I got her, Mary!” he said pulling Jessy in front
of him.
“Good. Take her to your house and have her back by 12:00 tonight.” Jessy
was shocked! What was her mother doing? He said goodbye and pulled her to the
door. She walked behind him thinking about what might happen. He put her in
the back seat of his car, buckled her in to the car and shut the door. He
got in and started the car. They drove for about 10 minutes and then pulled
into a driveway. It was 9:00. He opened the door and pulled her out. He
walked her in to the house and down to the basement. He uncuffed her and
handed her a small package and told her to go in to the bathroom.
She went into the bathroom and stood there. Then Tim told her through the
door to remove all her clothes. She did slowly and stood there naked. The he
told her to open the package. She pulled on the string and the brown paper
pulled away. There was a faded blue outfit. It was sleeveless and had no
legs but it had a flap on the inside of the waist that could be closed
between the legs to act as underwear. Tim told her to pull it over her head
and come out with her hand over her head. Jessy pulled on the outfit and
found it fit quite well. She put her hands on her head and pushed the door
open. Tim grabbed her and turned her around, he kneeled and pulled the flap
down and back. He found the small strap and buckled it in the back. “Can
you kneel for me Jessy?” he asked? Jessy slowly got down on one knee and then
the other. Tim reached behind him and pulled out a pile of chains. He took
a legiron and locked it around her left ankle. Then he grabbed another
legiron and locked it around her right ankle. “ Are those to tight Jessy?” Tim
asked, readying more chains. “No they are fine” replied Jessy. He took a long chain and wrapped it around her waist and locked it with a padlock. “ Stand up
for me, Jessy !" She stood up and he moved in front of her. “OK, let me have your left hand.” She lowered her hand and he locked her hand in the cuff. Then
he pulled the open cuff past a long loop on the end on the chain around her
waist. “Ok Jessy let me have your right hand” she lowered her hand and he
locked it in the open cuff. “ There , Jessy ,all ready for your cell.” She
tested her chains, she could walk but not fast or run and she couldn’t move
her hands. Tim took her arm and pulled her down the hall and to a cell. It
was about 9 feet by 5 feet. It had a bed and a sink, but no toilet. He
opened the cell door and pushed her in. He walked in after her and picked
up a chain that was locked to the bed and locked it to the back of her
waistchain. He walked out and shut and locked the door. “It’s now 9:15.
I’ll  be back around 11:30 to take you home. If you need to use the toilet or
anything else push this button and I’ll come help you. OK?” “Ok” Jessy
replied. “ May I ask you something?” “Ok.” “Why? Why are you doing this?”
“Your mother will tell you when you get home. I will see you later.” He
turned and walked away. She walked to the bed and sat down. She was very
tired so she fell asleep on the bed.
Jessy woke up after Tim when opened the door. “Come on, Jessy. Time to go
home” , Tim said as he unlocked the chain that held her to the bed. He walked
her out of her cell and down the hall. They rounded a corner and went out
the door to a parked van. “ Wait , Tim,  aren’t you going to let me out of the
cuffs?” “No your mom said that she wants to” And with that he loaded her
into the van, strapped her into a seat.
They drove to her house and he let her out of the van. She walked slowly to
the house and opened the door. Her mother was watching T.V when they walked
in. “ How was she?” Mary asked. “She was fine” Tim responded.
Mary thanked him and he left. Mary grabbed Jessy by the arm and walked her
upstairs. “ Mom?” Jessy said. “ Why did you send me with him?” “Well I
thought you might enjoy it. Did you?” “Yes I did. It was fun.”

Chapter 2

When they reached Jessy’s room her mom walk her to the bathroom. “Now your
still under arrest. I’m going to uncuff your right hand and unlock the flap.”
Jessy nodded and faced her mother. Mary pulled a key from a pocket and unlocked the cuff that held her right hand, then closed the cuff so her left wrist was locked to her waist. Mary bent down and unbuckled the flap.
Jessy walked into the bathroom and shut the door. A few minuets later her mother knocked on the door. “Come on Jessy I want to go to bed.” Jessy stood up and walked to the door. Her mother told her to place her free hand back in the cuff. She did so and walked out of the bathroom. Her mother had gone downstairs and gotten a bag that Tim had left. After she refastened the flap, She pulled out a long chain about 6 feet long from the bag and locked it around a bedpost. Jessy walked to the bed and sat down. Her mother locked the end of the chain around her ankle. Then she removed her legirons and the waistchain. “Now, if I leave your hands free you wont try anything will you?”  “No” Jessy replied. “ Ok then” She removed the handcuffs, checked the  chain at her ankle, and walk out. “ Good night sweetie. We’ll talk tomaro.”
She shut and locked the door.
Jessy got up and walked around her room. She found the chain let her walk to
her computer, her bookshelf. However she could not reach the bathroom or the
door and the lightswich, her mother had turned off the lights; she walked to
her computer, turned it on and got the Internet. She checked her e-mail and went to bed

Jessy woke up around 9:30 in the morning. She tried to walk to the bathroom
but the chain stopped her short. She found a note from her mother. It told
her to call her on her phone and she would come up. She picked up the phone
and hit the page button “ Mom” she said sleepily as she stretched. “Ok I’ll
be right up” she said and she hung up. Jessy walked to her bed and sat down.
Then she heard the sound of the door lock being opened. Her mother walked
in  with a tray of food. “Good mooring!” Mary said. “MOM! I HAVE TO PEE!” Jessy whined. “Ok!” She walked to the bedpost and unlocked the chain and Jessy
Ran  to the bathroom. “Jessy? Tim wants you to come work for him this summer.”
“Really?!” “Yes. We’ll talk when you’re done in there. Jessy got up and
walked out and sat on the bed. Mary locked the chain back around the
bedpost  again. “Tim wants you to model for him. He has a magazine that deals with handcuffs and bondage. You would live with him for a month.” “ Ok. It
sounds fun being handcuffed for a month.”
“Good I’ll call Tim. Now here is your breakfast and let me hand your hands
dear.” Jessy put her hands in front of her and her Mother handcuffed her. “
Call me when you’re done.” She said and she shut the door and locked it.
Jessy walked to her desk where her mother had left her breakfast, sat down
and began to eat. She had eaten before while in handcuffs but not a bagel.
It took her 15 minuets to butter it. She finished eating around 11:00 and
she saw Tim’s van pull into the driveway. About 5 minuets later her mother
opened her door “Tim is here Jessy” Mary said walking to her. “Turn around”
Jessy turned around and her mother wrapped a chain around her waist, then
padlocked the chain behind her and padlocked her handcuffs to the front of
her chain. She unlocked the chain around her daughter’s ankle and pulled
her  out of the room and down to the table. They all sat down at the table. “ Ok
Jessy if you sign here will be ready to go. What this says is that I will
be  your guardian for the next month. You will make $200.00 a week.” Jessy
signed the paper and then her mother signed it.
Then Jessy asked “Theres this party on Friday that I need to go to. Can I
still?” “Sure” said Tim “And I was going to a movie tonight with my
friends. What about that?” “What theater?” Tim asked. “ The one on Madison Ave.”
Jessy replied. “What time?” Tim asked. Jessy flipped to the entertainment
page of the paper. “7:20 and its 110 minuets long.” “Ok I’ll pick you up at
the theater after the movie then we’ll come back here and pick up your
things.” “Sounds good” Jessy said. “Ok I’ll see you tonight” and Tim left.
Jessy and her mom walked back to her room. “ Tim wants you to stay cuffed
until its time to go. When do you want to pack?” Her mother asked. “I’m
going to meet Sara and Jill at the bus stop at 6:30, So how about 3:30?”
“Ok” Her mother, said as she readying the chain for her ankle. She old her
to sit on the bed and locked the chain and a legiron around her left ankle.
Then she locked her right ankle in the legiron. “Ok your all set. You know
how to reach me.” She walked out and locked the door. Jessy walked over to
her computer and turned it on. She sent E-mails to all her friends that she
would be imprisoned for a month but would be at Jill’s party on Friday.
Then  she turned on the t.v. And watched trl on Mtv until 3:30. Then Mary came in and helped her pack. At 4:30 Jessy asked her mother to uncuff her so she
could shower. Mary unlocked the chain around the bedpost and walked her to
jessy shower down the hall. They walked into the shower room and Mary
locked  the chain that was locked on her ankle around a pole under the sink. Then
she unlocked the all the padlocks that held her cuffs to her waist then she
handed her the keys to the cuffs and walked out. Jessy’s unlocked her
handcuffs and her legirons. She removed her outfit and turned on the
She showered and dried herself off and did her make up. Then Her mother
walked in and handcuffed her behind her, unlocked her ankle, and walked her
back to her room. Mary locked her daughter’s ankle to the bedpost with a
10-foot chain, so now she could walk in the bathroom and to her dresser.
She dressed and did her hair. Her mother came and unlocked her ankle. Then
walked down stairs and ate dinner.

Chapter 3

Jessy grabbed her purse and walked out the door and down to the bus stop.
“Hey Sara!” she said as the two girls hugged each other.
“How you doing Jessy?” Sara asked. “Good. Where is Jill?”
“She is going to meet us at the movie” The two got on the bus and in no
time they are at the theater. “Hey Jill” they said as the saw Jill. The Three of
them walked into the movie.

As the Girls walked out of the movie, Jessy saw Tim walking towards them.
“Jessy Tomson?” he asked. “Yes?” Jessy said. You’re under arrest!” Tim said
as he pushed her to the wall. “Put your hands on your head” Tim commanded.
Jessy put her hands on her head. “ Wait!” Sara Protested “ Sara It’s ok.”
Jessy said as Tim patted her down. “Jessy!” Jill screamed as Tim Locked the
cuff onto Jessy Left hand. “ Read the email I sent you, Then you‘ll
understand “Jessy said as Tim pulled her left hand down into the small of
her back. Sara and Jill stared as Tim pulled their friend’s right hand into
the open cuff. Tim started to Pull Jessy to the car. “Wait! Let me say
goodbye!” Jessy said, as she pulled away. “Ok but make it fast.” Tim said
Jessy walked to the two girls, hands locked behind her. “Don’t worry. I’ll
see you on Friday.” “Ok. See you on Friday” Sara said, hugging her. Tim
grabbed her and led her to the car; he opened the door and helped her in.
Tim got in and they drove to her House.
When they got to jessy house, Tim got out and opened Jessy door and asked
her to swing her legs out of the car. She did so and he locked a pair of
legirons on her ankles. He helped her out and they walked into the house.
Jessy found a note from her mother. “ Dear Jessy, I Took Jimmy to a movie.
I’ll come see you tomaro Love mom.”
Tim grabbed her bag and they left. After awhile they pulled into a driveway
and they got out. Tim walked her downstairs and uncuffed her.
He handed her a package and told her to go into the bathroom. Jessy removed
her closes and, at Tim order, showered and used the restroom. She then
pulled on the outfit and put her hands on her head. Tim entered and pulled
her out. He kneeled and buckled the flap. “ Jessy can you kneel for me?”
Jessy kneeled and Tim locked a legiron around her left ankle. Then he
locked the other legiron on her right ankle. Tim then wrapped a chain around her
waist and locked it with a padlock. “Are those to tight Jessy?” Tim asked.
“No there fine.” She responded. “Jessy stand up for me” she stood up and
Tim moved in front of her. “Let me have your left wrist Jessy” she lowered her
left hand and he locked the cuff around it then he pulled it past a loop on
the front of her chain. “Ok Jessy let me have your right hand.” She lowered
it and he locked the cuff around her hand.
Tim took Jessy by the arm and walked her down the hall and to her cell.
“We’re home!” Tim said as he pulled open the heavy steal door. Jessy walked
inside. Tim picked up the chain that was locked to the wall and locked a
chain onto the back of her waistchain. “Jessy. It’s now 9:30. I’ll be back
at 10:30 to get you ready for bed. You know about the call button.” Jessy
nodded and sat down on the bed. “ I’ll turn on the t.v. for you. What
channel do you want to watch?” Tim said as he shut the door. “ Mtv please.”
“Ok.” Tim locked the door and walked off.  Jessy lied downs and watched
After a while Tim returned holding a bag. “Ok Jessy time for bed” he said
as he unlocked the cell. Jessy stood up and Tim unlocked the chain that held
her to the cell wall. She walked out of the cell and down to the bathroom,
Tim walked after her. They reached the bathroom and Tim Unlocked her Right
hand, then bent down and unbuckled the flap. She walked in and sat down.
After while Tim returned and Jessy came out. Tim bend down and buckled the
flap, then unlocked her ankles and her waist. He led her back to her cell.
On her bed he had placed a set of medical restraints. He uncuffed her
wrists and had her lay down, feet to the door. “ Jessy your mom said you liked to
be put in medical restraints.” She nodded as he buckled the wrist
restraints. Then he buckled the ankle restraints, as he Buckled the waist
and chest restraints he told her that his room is at the end of the hall. “
Jessy the t.v. is on a 90 minuet timer and I will turn the lights off when
I leave.” He clipped a small button that had a long cord on her right wrist
restraint. “ This is your call button. I’ll be back to get you up at 8:30.”
He walked out and shut and locked the door. She lie there and thought for a
while and then went to sleep.

Chapter 4

Jessy woke up and tried to stand up, but was stopped by the heavy leather
restraints that held her down. She reached down and pressed the call
Tim came into view and unlocked the cell. “ Good morning Jessy. How did you
sleep?” Tim asked as he unbuckled Jessy’s left wrist. “ Good I guess.”
Tim walked out of the cell and locked the door. “Jessy, you can let your
self out to the rest of the restrains.” She did and walked to the sink.
After washing her face she walked to the door. Tim told her to turn around
and put her hand trough  a slot in the cell door . she did so and Tim
Locked a pair of hinged handcuffs on her wrist. Jessy walked forward and Tim
opened the cell door. Jessy and Tim walked to the bathroom. Tim unlocked her cuffs waited for her. After about 10 minutes, Jessy walked out and Tim handcuffed
her behind her back. They walked to her cell and Tim went to get her breakfast. After Jessy ate Tim put her in legirons and walked her down to what seemed to be an exam room. It had a sink and some cabinets and an exam table. Tim told her to hop on the table. He pulled her arms over her head and handcuffed her hands to the table.   Then locked her legs into to padded Things that came off the end of the table. “ Jessy I’m going to put a tattoo on your under arm. It will come of when I rub it with some goo. Also I need to put you in a leg cast for a video on how to transport handicapped  inmates.” “Ok I guess” “Good” Tim said as he picked up a needle and started to tattoo some numbers and her name just above her armpit. This really hurt and Jessy started to move around on the table. “Jessy. I need you to stop moving.   I’m going to have to strap you down” Tim unlocked her hands from the cuffs, had her sit up, and placed a harness on the table. Then he had
Jessy lie back down on the table. Tim recuffed Jessy’s hands to the table.
He picked up the left top strap of the harness and buckled it to the lower
right strap. Then he buckled the top right strap to the lower left strap.
He  then buckled two more straps, one over her chest, and one over her waist.
Jessy tried to move but she couldn’t move. Tim continued to tattoo her arm.
Jessy tried to move but the straps held her tight. She lied back and waited
for him to finish. After a while he was done. “ Ok Jessy. Were done. To you
have to pee or anything?” “ No” Jessy said as she looked at her tattoo. Tim
walked over to her legs and began to clean her right ankle, up to just
below her knee. He then unlocked her right ankle and pulled a stocking up to her
knee. He then wrapped her lower leg in a thick padding. “Jessy what color
cast do you want? I have green, red, blue and white.” “ White.” Jessy said
as Tim opened a box and began to wrap her leg with a plaster bandage. After
15 minutes he was done with her leg. He locked her ankle onto the arm thing
and unlocked Jessy’s hands. “ Jessy I’m going to take you to the studio now
and will take some Photos.” Tim said as he unlocked her from the harness.
Tim wrapped a belly chain around her waist and locked it with a padlock. He
then handcuffed her and locked the cuffed to the chain. Tim unlocked her
feet from the table and helped her off the table. “Now Jessy, Don’t try to
walk on the cast with out my help Ok?” “ Ok” Jessy responded as Tim locked
a  chain around her cast and locked the other end to a legiron. He then locked
the legiron on to Jessy’s left ankle. Tim Helped Jessy into a wheel chair
and pushed her down a hall.

Chapter 5

They turned into a large room that was divided in two. One side had a cell,
a hospital room with only 3 walls, and a wooden chair. The other side had a
movie camera, some lights, a sound booth, and some other things. Tim
wheeled her to a bench with a steel bar that ran along the top of the bench. Tim
helped her onto the bench and handcuffed her waist chain to the bar.
“Jessy, I’m going to set up some things and go get my camera, then I’ll be back.
Tim said as he walked to the door. “ Do you need a blanket or something? Its
kind of cold in here.” “Yes please.” Jessy said as Tim left. While Tim was
out of the room Jessy started to work at getting the makeshift key that she
had made in the bathroom over the last two days. She had hidden it in some
toilet paper that she had wrapped around her upper chest. She was able to
rip the paper and make the key drop onto the bench. She picked up the key
and unlocked her right cuff. Then she unlocked her left hand.  Jessy then
wiggled her way out of the belly chain and unlocked her ankles. She then
got in the wheelchair and wheeled to the door. She turned the handle and pushed
open the door. She looked down the hall and saw it was empty. Jessy raced
down the hall and back to her cell. She then wheeled to the door but it was
locked. She turned around and sped down a hall to another door.  She opened
it and saw Tim walking to her! Tim broke into a run and Jessy Wheeled
backwards but She was no match for him. He grabbed her and pulled her out
of the chair. He rolled her onto her belly and handcuffed her wrist behind
He helped her back in to her wheelchair “ Jessy what am I going to do with
you?” Tim asked as wheeled her back to the studio. “ First were going to
take some Photos and then well see about finding you a new room. Tim picked
up his camera and pushed her back to the studio. “Jessy I want you to lie
on the bed in the hospital room.” Tim said as he helped Jessy out of the wheel
chair and uncuffed her hands. Jessy got into bed and waited for her captor.
Tim Pulled up the guard rails and then went to get two padded Wrist cuffs.
He put them on the guard rails. “Jessy I’m going to need you to take off
your uniform and put on a gown. I would let you use the bathroom but I
can’t now” Jessy slowly removed her uniform and Tim handed her the gown. It was made of a thin cottony fabric and covered her to her upper thigh. Tim
handed her some underwear and she put them on. Tim then tied them around her
“Jessy give me your left hand.” Tim said as he readied one of the cuffs.
Jessy placed her hand in the cuff and Tim buckled it. Then he walked to the
other side of the bed and Jessy placed her other hand in the cuff and Tim
buckled it. Then Tim Turned on some of the lights and aimed them at her.  “
Jessy you just need to lie there and look at the camera. Ok?” Jessy nodded
as Tim started taking Photos. They spent the next 30 minutes taking photos.
Tim then put Jessy’s left ankle in to an ankle restraint that he and
fastened to the lower guardrail. He took more photos and then he left.
Jessy lied there and wondered where he had gone. He returned a few minutes
later pushing a gurney with a set of medical restrains placed on it. He
pushed it next to Jessy’s bed and released her arms and leg. “ Jessy I’m
going to lower the guardrails and then I want you to scoot over onto the
gurney. Ok?” Tim asked as he lowered the guardrails. “ Ok” Jessy, said as
she moved over to the gurney. Tim took her right wrist and buckled it in to
the right wrist restraint. He did the same for her other 3 limbs, then he
strapped her waist and chest down on the gurney. Tim pushed her out into
the hall and down to an elevator. “Where are we going?’ Jessy asked as Tim put
his key into the button by the door.

Chapter 6

“ You’re being moved to a disciplinary cell in the basement.” Tim said as
the door opened. Tim pushed her in and the door shut and the elevator went
down. The door opened and Tim pulled the gurney out of the elevator and
into a cold basement. He pulled her down a dark hall to a heavy steel door. Tim
opened it and pulled her in. There were three 4 by 6 Cells. There were no
beds in the cell and one small window on the far wall. There was one bare
light bulb in each cell. “ Jessy I’m going to remove your cast. I need you
to hold still.” Tim pulled out some kind of tool and cut the leg cast off
in about 15 minuets.  “When I let you up I need to kneel on the floor in front
of the cell on the far right.” Tim said. Jessy nodded and Tim unlocked her
from the gurney. Jessy slipped off the gurney and felt the cold cement
floor as she walked slowly to the cell. She got down on her knees and Tim came up
behind her. “ Jessy. Please remove your gown” She did so and Tim handed her
a bra. “ Jessy stand up and put on the bra” Tim said as he readied a small
padlock. She got up and put on the bra; Tim then locked it with the lock. “
Jessy. I’m going to open the cell door and I want you to walk to the far
left-hand corner and put your hands on the wall and spread your feet. Tim
unlocked the heavy steal bared door and Jessy did what she was told. Tim
picked up a pair of heavy iron shackle and locked them around her ankles.
He then had her sit down and locked her wrists in heavy iron cuffs.  Tim then
locked a 6-foot chain to a ring in the wall about 5 feet off the ground to
her left leg iron. “ Jessy you will be her 22 hours a day there is no t.v.,
no radio, no books. You will sleep on the floor. If you need to use the
bathroom push the call button on the wall.” Tim said as he walked out of
her cell. “ Any Questions?” Jessy shook her head and Tim locked her cell door
and left the room. Jessy heard Tim lock the door that led out of the room.
She tested her bonds by walking around her cell. The cuffs were old and her
locked to her by padlocks. They felt quite heavy maybe 3 or 4 pounds each.
She could see in to all the cells and the door. Jessy sat down in the
corner. She shivered as her bare back touched the cold steel bars. She
looked down at her bra. It covered her breasts with a wide strip of thin
fabric then narrowed to a thin strap that locked in back. Jessy started to
sing to her self and then fell asleep.

Jessy woke up to the sound of the door to the room being unlocked. Jessy
sat up as it was pushed open. A tall man about 6’3” walked in holding a young
girl wearing handcuffs, legirons, and a belly chain. He told her to kneel
in front of the cell next to Jessy’s. Jessy stood up and thought that the girl
was about her age and had been crying. “Heather. I need you to hold still
when I uncuff you.” The man said as he uncuffed her. He then unchained her,
and stripped her. He handed her a bra and underwear and she put them on.
The man continued to chain Heather, as Jessy was chained, Heavy iron cuffs on
the wrist and ankles, and a chain to the wall. “ Heather you will in her 22
hours a day.” He continued to tell her about the call button. He locked the
door and left, locking the outside door as well. Jessy Looked at Heather. “
Hi.” Jessy said softly. “Hi” Heather said, looking up from her chains.
Jessy walked over to the bars that separated the two girls. “I’m Jessy” she said
as she grabbed two bars in her chained hands. “I’m Heather.,” she said as
she walked to the bars. “ What did you do to get put in here?’ Jessy asked.
“Well, I’m from Nebraska and I am staying with Roy for the summer. He like
to handcuff me and keep me in a cell while I’m there, kind of a payment for
staying there. Anyway we were driving up to see Roys Sister in Bloomington
IL. He planed to drop me off here while he went to his sister’s. Anyway we
started this morning at 6:00 Am I drove from about 50 miles out of town and
almost hit a car. Anyway Roy locked me up in the back seat and here I am.”
Heather sat down by Jessy. “What about you?” Heather said. “ Well I tried
to escape from Tim.” Jessy responded as she sat down next to the bars. The two
girls talked about all sorts of things. Pretty soon Tim unlocked the door
and stepped into the room. Jessy and Heather both stood up and fell silent.
“Ok you two. Its time for dinner. Heather your first. Walk to the wall and
kneel. Heather did so and Tim unlocked her chain from her legiron. He led
her out of her cell and told her to wait in front of her cell. He then told
Jessy to kneel and soon she was outside her cell. Tim locked the two
together at the ankle and led them to the table in the room across the
Tim sat them down on a bench and gave them their dinner. They ate in
Silence. After they had finished dinner, Tim led them back to there cell.
He put Jessy back in first, then he took Heather out of the room. They came
back about 10 minutes later. He locked her in her cell. Tim then took Jessy
out of her cell. He led her down the hall to a small open space with a
toilet. Tim untied her underwear and pulled them down to her ankles. He
then locked a chain around her waist then locked it to just above the seat. This
pulled her butt down to the seat. He then locked a chain to her wrist cuffs
and pulled them over her head, where he locked them to a ring in the wall.
Tim left her to her duty. After a while Tim returned and freed her from the
toilet. Tim pulled up her underwear and retied them around her waist. Tim
led her back to her cell and locked her to the wall. Tim told them
goodnight and left, after locking Jessy’s cell. Jessy looked over at Heather and saw
she hand fallen asleep. Jessy rolled herself into a ball and fell asleep.