By Mara (HC2B@aol.com)

        It's 7:00 Friday night and I'm sitting waiting for Tony to come and
pick me up. We are going to spend the next 3 days together at his friend's
cabin in the Adirondack Mountains of NY. We have be going together for
about 8 months and since his new job has him away in Boston or Washington
DC from a few days to a few weeks, we haven't seen much of each other,
lately. But we both cleared our calendars for this weekend. We're both
looking forward to spending some QUALITY time together. I want to make this weekend very special for Tony, so I was having a hard time on deciding what to bring along. Now, let me back up here for a minute. Tony has a very, I
call it, unique fetish. It's women's wrists. He just loves women whose
wrists are slender. He especially likes the little bone that juts out on
the outside of their wrist. The more pronounced the bone, the more he likes
it. (I told you it was unique). Anyway, he likes women who wear bangle
bracelets. The more bangles the better. I also like to wear bangles. Loads
of bangles. I probably wear 10 to twelve every day. They vary from thick to
thin, cheap to expensive.  He also likes women who wear men's watches (Now
that is weird). He says that they look sexy on women's slim wrists. Now,
getting back to where I left off in the story, deciding what to bring.
Since he has his favorites and I have mine, I decided just to bring all my
bracelets. That's probably over 100 bracelets. I also have 4 men's watches,
2 with silver metal bands, 1 black leather and 1 brown leather band.  I
know he going to enjoy this weekend. I was wearing about 6 bracelets and my
black leather watch for the ride up. He likes to play with them on my wrist
while were together.
        After he arrived, he said the trip will take about 6 hours, so we
decided to stop and get some take out and eat on the road. While we were
driving, we were acting like teenagers, throwing fries at each other and
just generally clowning around. We were just enjoying each other's company.
After we ate and had been driving for a while, I nestled my head on his
shoulder and he put his arm around mine. I was loving it. I'm sure most of
you out there know what I mean, sitting with the person you love, sharing
precious time together. When we reached the town near where the cabin is, we
stopped off at an all night convenience mart to get some things for the
morning. By the time we got to the cabin it was after 2, so we just
snuggled together in bed. I normally don't wear any bracelets to sleep, but
since this is a special weekend, I left them on.
        We were awaken early the next morning by a beautiful sun glistening
off the calm lake. As we lay in bed together holding each other, we started
making love. It was sweet and tender and exciting. Afterwards, we still
held on to each other. I whispered to Tony that I had a surprise for him. I
went to get my jewelry case, opened it up in front of him and asked him
which bracelets he wanted me to wear. His mouth dropped when he saw all of
them. He picked a few different ones and placed them on my wrist. Then he
looked up at me kinda sheepishly and asked if I wouldn't mind putting on
all 4 of my watches on for him. Some of you might think this is a little
strange, but if you can't do strange things for the people you love then
who can you do them for? So, I had him put the 4 watches on me. (He loves
to put the bracelets and watches on me). Of course, I looked so attractive
to him now that he forced me (HEEHEE) to make love to him again. The second time was better than the first. We both decided that after 2 sessions we
needed to regain our strength, so we fell back to sleep in each other's
        After we woke again, Tony began to make HIS MOVES on me again. As I was building with anticipation, he whispered in my ear that he had a
surprise for me. He left the room and I just closed my eyes and waited for
him to come back. He usually has a new bracelet he likes to give me at
these moments. I had my eyes closed when he came back. I felt him reach for
my wrist and begin to place the bracelet on, when I heard a clicking sound
as he put it on me. I really didn't pay much attention because of the mood
I was in and just kinda went with the flow. I then heard the clicking sound
again but didn't feel him holding my wrist any more. So I looked at my
wrist and saw a thin silver bracelet on me. After a closer look, I noticed
Tony had a matching bracelet on his wrist. I thought this strange, as Tony
never wears jewelry. Then I noticed a chain connecting the bracelets
together and it hit me that Tony had put handcuffs on us. A bunch of
feelings came over me all at once. I had never been handcuffed before so I
was more confused that anything else and a little reluctant. But you know
when something just feels right, at the right time. So I went with it and
had another wonderful experience. As we lay together, I couldn't take my
eyes off the handcuffs. I kept touching them and feeling the smoothness of
them. I was becoming mesmerized with them.
        A while later, I asked to be excused to go to the little girls room. Tony took the handcuff off his wrist and started to take mine off and told him not to. He gave me a cute smile and left the cuff on me. After I took care of business, I was looking at myself in a full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door. I looked at the way the bracelets and watches looked on me. I started to play with the free handcuff and of course I couldn't resist but to put the handcuff on my other wrist. As I stared at myself in the mirror, my desire for Tony, right now, started to build. As I walked back into the bedroom, I knelt next to Tony, showed him that I had cuffed myself, looked into his eyes and asked him to please TAKE me now. Tony just smiled and obliged me. Afterwards (can you believe 3 times), we stayed in bed for awhile just feeling good about being with each other. Tony got up, gave me a quick kiss, said he was taking a shower and was going to start breakfast. I lay in bed getting in touch with my emotions and feeling a little heady about my bracelets, watches and handcuffs.
        I heard Tony get out of the bathroom, get dressed and start making
noise looking for whatever he needed for breakfast. I walked into the
kitchen, put my handcuffed hands around his neck, gave him a quick kiss on
the cheek, held out my hands to be uncuffed then went to shower. As I was
showering I realized that I wanted to be cuffed again. In fact, I wanted to
be cuffed as often as possible this weekend. After my shower, I got
dressed, put on some of my favorite bracelets, put on one of my watches
with a metal band and cuffed one cuff on my wrist. As I walked into the
kitchen, I hid the cuffs from Tony. He had finished making a breakfast of
pancakes, eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice, and coffee. Tony likes tea. He
sat me down in a chair and started to take a seat opposite me, but I took
Tony's hand, cuffed him to me so that we had to sit together. Tony was
surprised that I had put the cuffs on, but we totally enjoyed our
handcuffed breakfast.
        After breakfast, we cleared the table, saved to dishes for later,
then decided to take a drive over to the outlet stores up here. Still
cuffed together, we dashed out to the car. Since the nearest neighbor was
about 200 ft away, we didn't feel anyone would see us cuffed. The 20-minute
ride to the stores turned into a forty-minute ride, each of us enjoying the
ride handcuffed together. When we got to the parking lot, Tony took the
handcuffs off and started to put them in his glove compartment. But I
grabbed them and put them in my bag. This brought a huge smile from Tony.
        As we shopped in the stores and I would go up to pay from whatever
I bought, I would fumble around in my bag as if I was looking for my money.
I was actually touching the handcuffs and feeling the smoothness of them
and remembering what it was like to be cuffed for the first time. After
shopping, we stopped off in a local diner for lunch. As we ate, you could
feel the anticipation build up in each of us with what I was doing with the
handcuffs that we both knew there was going to be some ACTION when we got
back to the house.
        As we got back into the car, Tony started the engine and I went to
get the cuffs out and handcuff us together, when we drove past a movie
house. I told Tony that I wanted to go inside to see a movie. His jaw
almost dropped. He knew I was as anxious to get back as he was, but he
relented and we went in. We went to see the adventure movie about an
asteroid (you know the one I mean). There weren't many people in the
theater, and with all the noise from the movie, it was easy enough to
handcuff us together. We sat there handcuffed, trying to watch the movie,
but being handcuffed was distracting us. After a while I asked Tony to put
both handcuffs on me. We sat through the rest of the movie waiting for it
to end. After the movie was over, Tony went to unlock the cuffs when I
asked him to leave them on me. I had brought a jacket into the movies with
me, just in case it was air-conditioned. So, there we were walking out of
the theater, Tony's arm around my shoulder, me with my hands cuffed in
front with my jacket over my wrists hoping no one can see them, yet wishing
someone would.
        The 20-minute car ride back took 10 minutes. We wanted to get back
as quick as we could so we could enjoy an afternoon delight. It was still
early enough in the day so we decided to take a swim in the lake. Tony
found an inflatable raft in the storage shed. We tied the raft to the dock
and just floated out into the lake, lying next to each other holding hands.
Once in awhile a water skiing would pass by and wave. After our dip, we
decided to go into town, to a quaint restaurant for dinner. I had bought a
red and white striped summer dress while shopping and I put that on. I also
bought 3 bracelets, one wide white one, one wide red one, and one wide half
red and half white. I also bought a new watch with a large red leather band
that matched the dress and bracelets perfectly. Tony was stunned when I
came out after dressing. He said I looked great.
        We got into the car and drove to the restaurant, handcuffed
together of course. There weren't many people there so we sat by a table
overlooking the lake. We had such a romantic dinner by candlelight, holding
hands and just enjoying the time we were spending together. After dinner,
we drove slowly back to the cabin, Tony kissing me every time we stopped
the car. At the cabin, we quickly slipped into the bedroom for some
snuggling fun. After snuggling for a bit, I was surprised that Tony didn't
ask me to put on any other bracelets on for him. We just lay in bed holding
each other. Tony then said that he had another surprise for me. This time I
kept my eyes wide open. He came back into the room holding a small nylon
bag. First he handcuffed my hands using the cuffs we had wore all day. Then
he took out a second pair of handcuffs, then a third, and then 2 more that
he called hinged cuffs. Now I know why he didn't want any more bracelets on
me. I was wearing FIVE pairs of handcuffs. He then took out 2 pair of what
he called ankle cuffs and placed them around my ankles. I just stared at
the handcuffs, feeling their weight and noticing how much like silver
bracelets they looked. Tony was mesmerized at all the handcuffs on me. Of
course he took advantage of me in my predicament. (I loved it).
         We lay awake for a while just talking about weekend so far. He
sheepishly asks if I minded wearing all the cuffs. I really didn't care for
the hinged cuffs just yet. But I assured him that I would let him cuff me
with them again. Tony took the hinged cuff off me. We both got quiet and
just held each other. Tony kept running his hand over the handcuffs.
Hearing the handcuff chains clink together was getting me excited again. We
made love one more time before the days events took us over and we fell
asleep; me sleeping with the three pair of handcuffs, 2 pairs of ankle
cuffs and 3 bracelets still on. I woke up a few hours later and it was
still dark out. I lay in bed thinking about handcuffs and wondering if all
this was happening to fast. I started to think about when I was in high
school and used to have daydreams of me being kidnapped and held for
ransom; being an international spy and the enemy was keeping me prisoner,
trying to get me to reveal my secrets; being kidnapped by white slavers and
being sold to some desert chieftain. My emotions were getting a little
topsy-turvy. But the more I thought about it, the more I came to the
realization that this would be the perfect opportunity to see if these
daydreams really held the fascination I thought they did.
        So, I decided to go for broke. I would have a surprise for Tony
tomorrow. The sun reflecting off the still lake again awakened us. As I lay
in Tony's arm, I told him that whatever plans we had for today, could we
cancel them. I told him I wanted to stay handcuffed the entire day and that
he could chain me up anyway he thought of, with in reason of course. He
looked at me with a little doubt on his face. Then he held me close saying
that it would be a pleasure for him to hold me in chains for the rest of
the day. We made love again, very slowing and tenderly.  Afterward, Tony
started to undo some of the cuffs. I thought he was going to take them all
off and I started to get disappointed. I thought Tony was going back on his
word. But he was changing my position. He cuffed me spread eagle on the
bed, with my wrists cuffed to the headboard, spread apart and my ankles
cuffed to the opposite sides of the bed. He then kissed my forehead and
went off to make breakfast. When he finished making breakfast, he came back
into the room. He uncuffed me from the bed, but immediately cuffed my hands
behind my back. He also recuffed the ankle cuffs on my feet. He carried me
out to the table. He placed my hands behind the chair using 2 pair of
regular cuffs and 2 pair of hinged cuffs. He ran the chain connecting the
ankle cuffs around the base of the chair, so I couldn't move my legs. He
then took the remaining handcuff and cuffed the chain between the cuffs to
the chain of the ankle cuffs. I was locked into the chair.
        He sat next to me, put his arm around my shoulders and started to
feed me. A folk full of this, a sip of that and a sloppy wet kiss in
between. Well, to say breakfast was cold when we finished is an
understatement. After breakfast he unlocked me from the chair and carried
me into the living room. He put me on the couch and went to the spare room
to get a high-backed wooden chair. He recuffed me with my hands still
behind my back. He redid the ankle cuffs so that they were again wrapped
around the chair base. He looked deeply into my eyes and asked if I still
wanted to go through with it. I figured in for a penny, in for a pound, so
I said yes. He kissed me again and went into his bag of goodies and came
out with a wide leather collar with silver studs on it. He placed the
collar around my neck and locked it in place with a small padlock. I was
asking myself if I had gotten in over my head, when he brought out what I
was told is a head harness ball gag. He placed the gag between my lips and
pulled to strap tight enough to hold the ball in my mouth, but not tight
enough as to dig into my cheeks. He then got 2 more pairs of handcuffs and
cuffed my collar onto the chair, each cuff pulling the collar to it's own
side of the chair. He then went into the bathroom to remove the full-length
mirror and placed in at my side, so could turn my head (not very far
though) and look at myself in the mirror.
         He asked me one more time if everything was all right. I shook my
head yes. He said 'Okay!' and went out on to the deck to get some sun. As I
sat there looking at myself, all my thoughts from last night were running
though my head. I closed my eyes and my daydreams now took on a sense of
reality. All those years of wondering what it would feel like to be help
captive are now coming true. I let myself go in my fantasy world and
experienced my deepest secrets.
         About an hour later, Tony came back in to see if I was doing okay.
I was getting a little stiff from not moving, but didn't want to be let
loose just yet. Tony unchained me from the chair and carrier me into the
bedroom. He changed my position so that I was now cuffed in front with the
chain of the ankle cuffs wrapped around my ankles to keep them together.
Then he put one handcuff from each ankle to each of my wrists. So, now I
was cuffed hands together, ankles together and ankles to wrists. He left
the gag in, but took off the collar. My neck was getting a little raw
wearing it. Tony went and brought the mirror back in and set it up next to
the bed so I could see myself again. He kissed my forehead again and went
back out on the deck.
        After a while, I shut my eyes ran through my fantasies again,
always adding something different to each scene I would play in my head. I
must have fallen asleep because I woke to find Tony releasing me from the
handcuffs. He said that I needed to take a break for a while before my
muscles start to knot up. He sat next to me on the bed and massaged my
shoulders, legs, back and arms to get some circulation back in them. I just
lay there and enjoyed the feeling. After he finished massaging me, we just
stayed in bed holding each other until we both drifted off to sleep. A
couple of hours later, we woke up hungry. Tony said he would go shopping to
get something for dinner. He handcuffed my hands in front with 4 sets of
handcuffs, placed the 2 sets of ankle cuffs on me feet, but didn't gag or
collar me. I wanted so bad to go with him to the store cuffed this way, but
Tony said that I should experience a milder form of restraint for awhile
all by myself. He left the keys to the cuffs with me and showed me how to
unlock them. He said just in case something happens and I needed to get
out. He didn't want to leave me alone while I was cuffed, so this way I
could get myself out if need be.
        After Tony left for the store, I walked around the cabin feeling
the weight of the cuffs on my hands and trying to keep my balance with the
ankle cuffs on. I was now a firm devotee to handcuffs and was trying to
imagine what the rest of my life would be like being handcuffed. When Tony
got back, he started a barbecue for some steaks he bought. He led me out to
the deck and handcuffed me to one of the chair while I watched him cook. As
he started to sit down to eat, I ask him to change my position. We sat next
to each other. I took a pair of handcuffs and cuffed the 2 of us together
through the arm of one of the chairs. This way we could use only one hand
each. I then cuffed our ankles together. So now, we had to use only one
hand each in order to eat. It was funny trying to cut the steak with is
right hand and my left hand. We had a ball finishing dinner this way.
        After we ate, we settled done on lounge chairs and looked out at
the lake in the early evening light. Tony had recuffed me with 3 pairs of
handcuffs while adorning my wrists with loads of bracelets. We sat there
for hours just looking at the lake knowing our weekend was almost over. It
was getting late, so we decided to go to bed.
         Tony released me from all the handcuffs. I asked him if there was
anything special that he wanted me to wear for him. He just said surprise
me. So, I put on about 15 bracelets, and figuring this is our last night, I
put on all 5 of my watches for him. (Am I the only one here who thinks this
is weird?). When I came back to bed, I handcuffed the 2 of us together with
3 pairs of handcuffs, and the 2 sets of ankle cuffs. We made love slowly
and passionately, then fell asleep still cuffed to each other.
        The next morning was a hectic race to clean the cabin, get packed
and head home. We started back early in the afternoon, figuring we would
get home by early evening. As we drove, we chit chatted about this and
that, handcuffed to each other, of course. When Tony dropped me off at my
apartment, he gave me a long and sensual kiss, one full of future promises.
He helped me with my bags, we said good night and Tony left. I threw my
bags on my bed, deciding to unpack later. I got a glass of wine, sat down
on the sofa and thought back to the weekend.  I missed Tony already. No
sense in getting myself depressed.
        I went to my answering machine and listen to my messages. One of
them was from Tony. He left the message when he went to get us dinner last
night. He said that he is having a wonderful weekend and that he really
appreciates me letting him handcuff me and not thinking he is some weirdo.
He said that he's going to miss me after he drops me off and will be
thinking about the next time we can get together. He told me he loved me
and would call as soon as he got home. Also, he said he had packed a
surprise for me in the bottom of my suitcase. I stopped my machine and ran
into the bedroom and started tearing my suitcase apart. I found 2 boxes
wrapped in brown paper. I opened them up and found 1 pair of handcuffs and
pair of ankle cuffs.
         Now it was my turn to surprise him. I called his number, knowing
he wouldn't be home yet. I said, "Hi Tony. Listen to this". I put my
speakerphone on and started to cuff my ankles together, making sure I was
close enough to the speaker so he could hear the cuffs closing. I then did
the same to my hands. "Tony, I'm here all alone, handcuffed and ankle
cuffed and some one might come in to make me their prisoner. Do you have
any suggestions on who could make me their prisoner?" Then I hung up the
phone and waited. It didn't take long before there was a knock on my
apartment door.

I hope you liked my story. Please send any comments to Mara (HC2B@aol.com)

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