The Slavegirl Linda

The slavegirl Linda was lying on the floor over the moquette: she had been chained for several hours, after her boyfriend had gone away. She was trying to reorder her ideas, to understand how all could happen; she only remembered that it had been a fire night, of incredibly wild and uncontrolled love: she with chains at the wirsts and ankles, wearing black stockings and very high heels sandals, was more exciting then ever; he had fucked her no-stop with beastly fury for hours, in every strange unusual positions her chains could allow her: it was objectively hard to spread out her legs to be fucked, being her ankles tighten by heavy steel irons, with a four inches chain only ...Then, suddenly, Mike asked her why all that, with a grim expression on his face. A furious quarrel, insults, and he went away leaving her in that conditions...
* * *
It is worth saying that the blacksmith had done a very good work. Mary had told her several times about how her boyfriend had appreciated the present she gave him, making herself be found naked and handcuffed in their bed; so one day Linda couldn't resist and asked Mary for the address of the blacksmith who had prepared her steel bondage devices. He was a little old man with a satirus face, who worked in a small, bleak, apparently harmless workshop in the suburbs: old iron chandeliers, rusty gates, lots of filings lay all over in a hopeless untidiness. When Linda, plucking up courage with both hands, had pronounced the password "I'd like to see something "special", the old man sneering opened a small door, and they descended a dark and slippery spiral staircase towards the cellar. When the light turned on, a quite unexpected sight appeared: handcuffs, chains, chastity belts, leg irons, collars of any possible shapes and dimensions hanged from the walls, made of raw iron, polished steel and ... aluminium "...  these are for ladies who must wear them for several days, and do not want to get tired too much..." was the remark of the man, who had begun to show Linda the peculiarities of that objects, their prices, the opening and closing mechanisms, telling her about incredible success for the girls who decided to put them on. The man was proud of his creatures, like a couturier, and explained to her that he always kept a sample of the objects he made; he also showed her a "parure" of ... finery handcuffs that a customer of his, a woman with class, had ordered for a special occasion, a "Bondage Party", as she had called it: black steel extremely polished handcuffs, along with a pair of ankles cuffs made of the same stuff, equipped with very short chain with small links, and another similar chain linking together both objects, forcing the lady who was wearing them to walk by short footsteps and to keep the arms always outstretched down, in front or back: a really enviable suit, naturally completed by a very short and low-cut dress, and obviously high-heeled pumps. Linda's attention was then attracted by a dummy in a corner who weared a suit of manacles and leg irons, and also a beautiful pair of sandals whose appearance was particular. At first sight she didn't understand why that shoes looked strange, but the old man, who never had stopped praising his masterpieces, explained to her that the sandals were ordered to him by a business man who intended to punish her wife, who always insisted in wearing low-heeled shoes, just to feel free. Her husband was tired of never seeing his wife's slender legs and beautiful little feet clambering on high-heeled shoes, so decided to order him that pair of steel sandals lined with leather, with ankle locks: once weared they could only be taken off by the key. He told her that the man forced his wife to wear them no-stop for more than two months, day and night, careless of her tears and pleas, until she solemnly promised to deeply revise her shoes wardrobe. After that, her husband, as a reward, opened the sandals locks, took them off gently and spent a whole night licking and sucking her toes and her feet soles, soaked with sweat and humours that in so much time had macerated the feet's and sandals' skin, creating an incredibly exciting union; what a happy end, after all!
"Really an incredible workshop" Linda thought, while a blood flush was firing her head; "I think I'll find here something to stir that lazy boy who sat back on the idea I'm only his home angel, the ideal mother for his children, the bride of the warrior..." And while she was absorbed by her thoughts, touching the objects hanging from the walls, the old man brought her back to earth:
"Well, my lady, do you think I'll be able to do something for you?" asked the man, explaining that all the items were made to measure for his customers. His handcuffs and ankle cuffs had to adapt to the ladies' wirsts and feet without stress, but also without too much play: to tight, not to compress was his motto. Moreover, the locks were all burglary proof, with safety keys, and the used material were of top quality, sure and rugged.  Every girl could choose weight, shape and dimensions, accordingly to her own taste, leaving to him the job of realizing them. Linda explained to him that she wished to give  Mike, his boyfriend, a surprise and to break the every days routine, without appearing too perverted, but only to spur him on to be ... warmer to her. The old man showed her some items hanging in a corner: "Since this is your first time in chains, I suggest to you this model, that I called 'Fantasy Slave': they are heavy, noisy and amusing to be weared; they cause fast and short footsteps, and your hands are practically blocked, even though you'll learn to do almost everything cuffed, after a while; this will also stimulate protective istincts in your man.  Please, listen to me, consider buying a chastity belt too, and you'll see that he will be happier as you've never seen: opening a steel belt is like unwrapping a present !!!" So, without realizing it, she was sitting on a chair while the smith was noting down the measures of her wirsts, ankles, hips, and also of her feet: yes, she decided to do really something special, so ordered also a pair of that steel sandals, in order to force herself to wear high-heeled shoes. She thought for a moment, with a bit shame, of all the times she had accompanied Mike at parties, wearing only college shoes, while her friends showed off beautiful pumps that made them more slender than her... "Please, 6 inches heel!" she said firmly. She ordered all the items, paying in advance, and went back home with brain and cunt fired by the excitation exacerbated by the need to wait for a week for her new jewels.  Luckily, Mike was out for work during that days, so she wouldn't reveal her emotion while she was preparing the most lovely surprise: a slavegirl in his bed, naked, chained, for him only, to be possessed !!!
* * *
The week went over, and when the boy rang the doorbell Linda was fainting for the emotion. "Ehi, what is inside? Pieces of scrap iron ?" the boy protested, leaving the heavy parcel on the floor.  He never known why that young, delicious lady blushed like a baby and gave him such a good tip.  Linda hurried up the stairs, tripping by the enthusiasm, and threw herself on the bed along with her magic box. Mike was coming back home, so she wanted to be quick! She undress completely, put on the black mesh stockings and the suspender belt she bought before, opened the parcel an read the attached card: "From Vulcan, the pleasure blacksmith, to Miss Linda, with his best wishes of a good time! P.S. DO NOT LOOSE your keys, otherwise you'll get into trouble...!!!" She first found the sandals, wrapped with care: they were extremely polished, high, slim, and two small keys hanged from the locks. She put them on at once, and the clicks the locks produce when she took off the keys worried her a bit. She opened the locks and closed them again a few times, just to be sure everything was O.K., then she put them on and took off the keys for the last time. They were definitely wonderful, with their 6" heels, but just a little uncomfortable for a girl not used to high heels.  She turned to the chastity belt, and put it on while blushing with shame again: "Damn, you want to be a dirty girl, don't you? So, stop blushing every time!" she thought. The lock was very strong, and the touch of the cold steel on her naked skin made her shiver, excited. She felt the raw iron rubbing her tender  cunt and ass, and thought that if she lost the keys just that night, it would be really a pity! Then the turn of the ankle cuffs came: they were really good looking, elegant, and very heavy, as she wanted. Two steel rings, half a inch thick, two inches high, joined by a 5 inches long, large links chain; the keys hanged solemnly from the locks. She put them on more and more excited by the icy touch of the metal on her skin. She stood up and took her first chained, unsteady steps towards the mirror, accompanied by the lively melody of the tinkling chain: she looked lovely with her little firm breasts with upright nipples, her thin waist, her tender small face framed in a cascade of soft brown hair, her lovely blue eyes. Her long slender legs, perfect in their black stockings had always caused a fatal attraction on her friends who were mad about her miniskirts. Suddenly, one day Mike arrived: she felt in love with him like a fool, and since then they passed from the peak of a burning passion to a quite and normal living together; surely they would marry, soon or later, an have a lot of children, as Mike wanted. But she felt to young and too fill of energies to become a fat, tired mother and housewife. Indeed, she wanted to try everything in order to become again what they were just two years before... Finally, she took the cold, stiff, inexorable handcuffs; she contemplate them for long minutes, while warm humours ran out from the depths of her vagina: two thick and heavy rings, of the same shape of her ankle cuffs, but the chain was shorter, almost non-existent. She was holding in her hands the last frontier towards slavery from which, she knew, she would have never come back. She put the bracelets on with the grace of a princess that weared the royal jewelry, and took the keys off while the handcuffs shut tightly her wirsts. She lay down on the bed and started masturbating furiously. Excited, she thought of how hard was the life of the Roman slavegirls, or of the deportee in the New World, when the master chained them. It was surely terrible when the rings were riveted with red-hot nails beaten by the jailer's hammer! There were no way out, no escape possibility, no lock to be opened or broken. But she had still got the keys, she were a privileged slavegirl...
She soon realized how difficult was skimming over the nipples and masturbating at the same time.  Moreover, her chastity belt made more difficult her fingers to explore her wet cunt. Her arms were becoming sore in that uncomfortable position, so she decided to wait meekly for the arrival of Mike.  She stood up with a big effort, put all the keys in a small Limoge jewel case, along with a card which said "To the only Master of my life" and dragged to the wicker armchair ("Damn, how difficult is to walk with chained feet...") and felt asleep, happy; she felt a sweet masochist torpor spreading in her mind. Linda was waked with a jump by the Mike's shrill voice, while the door opened "Hi, honey, can't you hear me? I'm ...". Mike could not finish the sentence; he dropped his briefcase on the floor and opened wide his eyes, with a dazed expression on his face. He was observing his girl naked, chained on the armchair, who was waking up and was trying of stretching herself after a very heavy sleep. "Ehi, what's happening here ? Who in the world has put you in that state ?? Tell me, by GOD !!!". Linda stood up, staggering by the high sandals, and went up to Mike heavily wiggling her hips, in order to make up for the short footsteps set by the short ankles chain, and smiling at him said with sugary voice: "Honey, from now on I'm your slave. Please, leave me in chains forever, but take me, fuck me, do with me whatever you want. I only ask you to be yours". Mike was hardly pulling himself together from the shock. He sat down on the bed and whispered "... I don't need a slave, I want a woman...", but Linda insisted: "I am your woman, but I also want that we try this new experience. It doesn't cost anything, and at least I'm all excited, what about you ?...", and brought her chained hands to her boyfriend's penis which she felt tough and erected. "Please, please, fuck me!..." she murmured while holding him out the chastity belt key. He looked at the key, still shocked, then looked at her, naked and defenceless on the bed, then finally gave in: the belt was opened in a moment, and Mike's penis burst into her hot vagina, with a lot of Linda's acrobatic feats.  They made no-stop love for hours, until they were worn out and had a cataleptic fit.  Mike was the first one to wake up. He saw her tender Linda naked, stockinged and chained, and suddenly felt himself alone, sat down near a hooker who had caught him with sneaky means, for her only full pleasure. He had always considered Linda a sort of pure creature, now looked all his dreams destroyed for ever! "Stand up, you whore !" he shouted beating her buttocks by his leather belt.  She woked up with a jump, and had the questioning look of someone who can't fully realize what's happening. But suddenly she remembered everything, and especially of the beautiful love hours spent with Mike, as never she had before; but seeing herself chained, she felt really naked, exposed at her boy's mercy. He was attacking her with coarse words, railing against herself and her friend Mary (she was always responsible of everything!). Linda tried sweetly to calm him down: "Now it's all over, darling", she said, in order to be forgiven, trying to hide her manacled hand and feet under the sheet;
"Perhaps I've gone too far, please forgive me.  Leave me the keys and go out, please. I'll dress and come to you soon..." she said, but Mike was becoming more and more disappointed, upset and fierce, and shouting at her every kind of insults, dressed again and tell her: "It's really all over between us, I'm  going away, my little perverted whore!! Cry and scream at the window, and some other piece of shit like me will rescue you! ..." and went out shutting the door. Linda could listen to his speed footsteps on the stairs and on the street, and his car's rumble farther and farther.  She was alone, tired and desperate, completely defenceless; but she was mostly worried about the fact that Mike had taken away all the keys, probably without knowing what he was doing, blinded by his fury. She started realizing how her situation was becoming critical. She couldn't hope at all to get free by herself. The keys were absolutely necessary (the old man was clear), but who knew where that precious pieces of iron were at that moment, and where her Mike had gone. She stood up, drying her tears with the back of both hands, and was about to perform a very difficult exploit: going downstairs with chained feet!. By small, short footsteps Linda reached the stairs and, one step after the other, she was on the ground floor in less than 10 minutes. She had absolutely to find someone who could help her, and soon she thought of her friend Mary, who was at a certain point responsible for that mess. Making telephone calls is another thing one can't do well with the handcuffs on, and Linda soon realized that. With increasing anxiety she heard Mary's recorded voice who asked everyone had somewhat to tell her to leave a message: they will be phoned back in a week. Oh, shit, that stupid girl had told her that she would be on holidays that week. Linda start crying in prey of an attack of nerves. She fell on the floor, screaming and shaking her arms and legs, pathetically trying to get free from the cold and inexorably tight steel cuffs, but she only succeeded in getting bruises and scratches on her delicate wirsts and ankles skin. She was absolutely prisoner of her play, like a baby who get burned playing with matches; the difference was that in her case none was there to help her... "Keep calm, my dear!" she told herself, standing up with great effort, "what you need right now is a hot shower, and then we'll see how to get rid of these chains".  She dragged herself towards the bathroom with her staggering pace, and slept into the shower box; absentmindedly she was taking off her sandals, when she realized that even her toes were prisoner in that gorgeous shoes; "Shit, shit, shit!!!" she cried out, almost amused by her foolish situation.  She tried to open the steel straps, but even the sandals locks were unattackable by naked hands. So she decided to tear off her stockings and pulling the scraps out through the ankle rings and the opened tip of her sandals: this operation she had to perform handcuffed took several minutes; after that she resigned herself to have the shower with her sandals on, chained like a real slavegirl, thinking that, after all, that was a very bizarre and exciting experience. "Poor stupid Mike", she thought, "you'll never know what you're missing!!!". She soaped herself the best she could with her small chained hands, skimming eager for pleasure her teats and cunt, leaving the warm water caressing her voluptuous body. Then she dried herself somehow or other, lingering to massage her delicate toes tortured by the sandals' steel straps, which remained dampish in touch with the leather. It was 10 a.m. of a gloomy Saturday, and she suddenly remembered that her maid would come at any moment; Linda herself gave her the house keys in order to allow her to come in even when she were out; what a poor figure if she would see Linda that conditions! Running the best she could, stumbling and falling several times she climbed over the stairs and succeeded in coming into her room again.  Just in time! She heard the click of the key and the noise of the door opened and closed, while the powerful Maggie's voice reached her when she was still rolling up into the blanket: "Miss Linda, are you in ?". Linda decided not to answer, hoping that Maggie would decide to go, but the woman insisted in calling her and, what is worse, she was going upstairs. "Miss Linda, I'm sure you are still into the bed! Oh God, when will you start being a good girl? You should get up early in the morning, if you don't want to waste your time...". Since no answer arrived, she knocked strongly at the door asking: "Are you alone ?". "Yes..." was the silly faint Linda's answer. She at once understood how fool she had been: she could have feigned not to be alone, but she wasn't so quick to lie. "Do you feel fine ?" the woman asked while opening the door.  Linda was dying by the shame, realizing that her glittering chastity belt was still lying on the armchair behind the door. "Please, Maggie, I'm not well today... I'm tired... want you come back another day ?" The woman looked quite bothered and insisted: "If you want, I can start my work downstairs, but in one hour I want to see you standing up! I don't know who prevents me from throwing away your blankets!" she said, seizing her sheet. Linda was terrorized and implored: "Maggie, please, leave me alone today. O.K., I'll pay this day too, but now go away, please, please...". Not convinced at all, Maggie touched Linda's forehead.  "That's why you are so strange today, you've got a big fever! Let me take care of you: a hot broth, an aspirin and you'll feel better soon!". And while she was pronouncing these last words she eyed the chastity belt; she took object in her hands, and murmuring bitter rebuke words towards Linda, her perversion and her sure bad end, went downstairs dropping the belt, and left the house, shutting the door.
Linda sobbed, and was terribly alone again. She decided she had to come out of that mess by herself, and nobody else should have known what her naive perversion had caused her. She went downstairs again with much more difficulty and more pains: her ankles were becoming slightly swollen, and the steel rings, suited for normal condition feet, were hurting them; moreover her sweet delicate feet could not bear for a long time that iron sandals. She took the tools box from the lumber-room, and tried to break the sandals and ankle locks with a screw-driver, but she only succeeded in breaking its point. She after took a file, but gave soon up in trying to free her hands, since it was impossible to work on her handcuffs:
"I ought to choose a model with a longer chain!!!" she thought, trying to smile at herself, "1 inch of chain is perhaps to few...". She passed to file the ankle rings, and realized with apprehension the they were really made of top quality steel: after half an hour of huge efforts, she could only scratch one ring's surface, while the file was ruined. She dropped the file, fill of deep anxiety, and dragged herself on the sofa. Her situation was getting very dangerous and unforeseeable. It was Saturday evening, and the city would be nearly desert during the next four days, due to the long weekend for a local holiday. At the best, if nobody had visited and discovered her in that embarrassing mess, she would have had to wait so chained all that days, that hours... But waiting for what, or who ?? She only could ask for Mary's help, who wouldn't come back before a week. No, she could not resist chained all that time! But perhaps Mike could forgive her, and rescue her! He could open that rings in a minute! Yes, she decided to call him, pray him, implore him to help her... She rang Mike up but received no answer. "Son of bitch, where are you??? Pick up the phone, hurry up!!!".  She tried 2,3, hundred times, but always got no answer.
She was cold at her feet, tortured by the steel cuffs and by the iron sandals, whose steel-leather straps were more and more piercing into her flesh, stopping her blood's circulation. Her hands too were aching, and her arms and shoulders, forced in an unnatural position, were getting stiff. She thought that at that point she only had to ask the blacksmith for his help. She took the telephone directory, find out the number and rang him up. A young man's voice answered (probably a lad): he told her that the old man had decided to go to the hospital for a check up, during that holidays, and that he wouldn't be at the shop all next week.  Linda start crying and sobbing again while the man tried to comfort her."Please, go to him, and tell him I need his help! I'm Linda, I made a big mess... that work he made me some days ago... he will understand! But hurry up, please ...!!!" she was imploring, trying to recover her self-control.  "O.K., Miss Linda, call me again on Wednesday, 'cause I'm leaving now. I'm sorry, I must close the shop, I can't help you now...". He hung up before she replied. Linda felt she was very close to a collapse of nerves. She was a prisoner in her own house, slave of herself, without any possibility of remedying. She had a mad, perverse wish to be fucked, hurt, also killed, provided that paroxysm of masochistic excitement had vent. She caught her vibrator and put it into her cunt with anger, having a temporary relief. Wonderful orgasms! She couldn't count them, but perhaps she had 20! What a wonderful mixed sensation of incredible sexual pleasure and pain, along with the tinkling and jingling of her chains, the fear to be discovered, the love of seeing her hands and feet in chains !!  Her nipples were rigid like nails, her skin dampish of sweat, her cunt humid, and a voluptuous mixture of different smells was coming from her dirty body.  She finally understood what is pleasure!!! The morning light found Linda lying on the moquette.  While she was recovering her senses, the telephone rang. Linda dragged on all fours to the phone, immersed into a cheerful jingling of chains; her ankles and feet were completely tumefied, and she hardly felt her hands. The wet vibrator was still hanging from her vagina. She picked up after several rings, and hardly recognized the voice of the lad he had spoken to last evening. "Lady, you sounded so worried to me yesterday night, that this morning I went to my master. He told me that you should be calm, and if you agree I can come to you this morning, and carry you at our workshop, where I'll try to open your handcuffs... Oh, I'm sorry, perhaps I should not speak about ... The fact is that we had several other cases like that...".  Linda flushed by the excitation and by the shame of becoming an erotic toy for that young man, but she could not see any other escape way: she could not stay chained all her life, and the blacksmith was the only person who was able to help her. She would have asked for a new set of keys, because she would never give up wearing that jewels, she thought, slipping out the vibrator with a pleasure moan.  "O.K., come to me in one hour, I'll be ready... I hope so...". She had another shower (this time, apart from the pain in her arms, she was much more expert in washing herself cuffed), and choose the most suited dress. The longest skirt she had got left 2 inches of ankles uncovered, and the leg irons were still visible, but she had nothing better; she wished that nobody would watch exactly at her feet. She slipped on a very low-necked blouse, and put her winter overcoat on her shoulders, under which she hoped to hide her handcuffs. Finally, she pressed down a large straw hat on her head, in order not to be recognized by the people. She looked at herself in the mirror, and smiled: "What a strange 'mise', overcoat and bare feet with sandals ..." she thought. In the meantime, someone knocked at the door. Fill of excitation (who knew if Mike had decided to come back...) she asked who it was. The voice answered "A Vulcan's friend"; she opened the door almost screaming with pain, because her feet and hands were completely swollen and painful, and the red nails nearly merged with the violet color of her flesh. A handsome, tall young man appeared, who looked her up and down and smiled, making her flush. He said: "Hello, Miss Linda, I'm Sam" and tried to shake her hand; realizing the bad conditions of her hands, he gave up and continued:
"Miss Linda, if you have problems in walking, as I can imagine, I'll take you in my arms into the car". But Linda refused, fearing that some of the next-door neighbors could see that strange scene, and started walking with unsteady steps toward the cars, while the man supported her and hid her hands thoughtfully under the overcoat. She walked slowly, while the high heels ticked on the cobbles and her feet chains jingled softly, and she complained about the rings that had become too tight. A little boy, sitting on the cobbles, could not help looking at Linda's feet, and crying by the wonder exclaimed: "Hi, Linda, my sister too enjoys herself with that things when she fucks with her boyfriend!" The man took a swipe at him, but the scene was seen by two old husband and wife who met them in the street, and turned to look at her; showing Linda's feet chains to her husband, the old woman exclaimed: "Look at her, my husband, now the Police put that gadgets at the whore's feet! Well done, boy, teach her how she should behave!!!". The man, seriously pretending to be a policeman, nodded, while Linda split her sides with hysterical laughter. Finally they reached the car, the man helped thoughtfully her to get in, closed the door and they left.
Linda was silent during the trip: she was thinking about what had happened. Everyone in the neighborhood would have known all of her perverted love of chains bondage, her reputation was ruined for ever, but this fact did not worry her too much: she was only thinking of Mike, who was not there at that moment. But Sam who was driving her to the blacksmith shop, he was not so bad... He should have perceived her thoughts, since he stretched his hand and started caressing Linda's thighs, moving slowly towards her cunt, while she groaned ...  They arrived to the shop after some minutes, and he helped her again in walking: her feet situation was worse and worse, and the sandals straps was terribly hurting her toes. They got in, and Sam closed the door, taking a chair for her and helping her to undress. Linda was incredibly glamorous, as only a true, beautiful slavegirl can be. She held her chained hands on the bosom with such a naturalness that one could think she had been born with them. Sam looked at her for long seconds, and then decided to go downstairs; he came back in a minute, carrying a wooden box filled with labeled keys. After a short search Sam found a group of keys labeled "Linda A.". "Here we are, Linda!" he said. She offered him her helpless hands smiling;
Sam chose the right key and opened her handcuffs just for a moment, but closed them again suddenly with a swift move. Linda looked at him, puzzled and curious, and asked "What's the matter, Sam?". He answered: "You are right, Linda, your rings are a bit too tight now. Remember, when you feel that, take your arms and feet raised for some minutes, in order to allow blood to come down back, and the swelling will disappear. You should also massage often your ankles and wirsts during the day. Now I'll loosen a bit your ankle rings too". Linda did not catch the sense of his words, but let with pleasure him take her legs on, loosen the rings and massage her feet. Sam could perceive the delicious smell of Linda's feet: an exciting mix of sweet, leather and body soap. While caressing her feet he could not resist and licked her toes, penetrating with his tongue into the hidden holed between the small delicious toes that came out, bloody and tortured, from the tip of her steel-leather sandals. She groaned, prisoner of her excitement, and caressed her tits with the familiar jingle of chains. Suddenly, she realized that a cotton-wool tampon was put with force against her mouth and nose: before she could try to scream or rebel, her lungs had already been invaded by ether...  "Look, what a beautiful merchandise, we'll earn a lot of money, this time!" said the old blacksmith, undressing the poor sleeping Linda who was lying an a table; "It's rare to find a lady who has such strong masochistic istincts. Just stimulate them and ... voil_, les jeux sont fait! Arrange her while I drive the van to the back" he told Sam, who answered "O.K., master, should I loosen more her rings ?" "No, it's enough: don't you remember the emir loves the iron signs on the skin? If you want to have fun with her, hurry up, we must be at the airport in two hours..."; he just finished speaking while Sam had already introduced his penis into Linda's vagina...
* * *
Linda waked after an unpredictably long sleep, and was lying in a soft and sweet-smelling bed, encircled by some young and beautiful girls who looked at her and laughed. She slowly realized to be naked again, always with her hands and feet chained, and with her feet still prisoner of her steel sandals. She also realized she could not move her hands, since now she was handcuffed on the back. Every other movement was prevented by pains and tiredness; someone probably had given her a strong sleeping-draught, since a heavy daze filled up her head. She noted also that a steel collar, nipples rings linked by a short chain and a new chastity belt were the novelties of her harness.  "W...where am I?" she asked with faint voice. "You are in Arabia, Linda; you're the new slavegirl of the emir Ben Yussuff, my dear, and you'd better resigning yourself as soon as possible to your new role" was the answer of the girl who looked the leader of the group. Linda noted that the girls were all very lovely, very naked and very chained.  "If you're a good girl, I'll be allowed to make you wear easier handcuffs and ankle irons, like ours, which are welded and have no locks" she said indicating her gadgets "so you'll not be tempted to looking for keys. You know, I've been wearing my chains for three years without a break, and I can't imagine living without them". Another slave added:
"I've been here for few weeks, and I can assure that living here is not bad at all! We are not slave, we are ... hosts. As far as the chains, I think I'm much more lovely chained!". The other girls nodded, convinced. The first girl concluded:
"Don't think of fleeing: 50 miles of desert are between us and the nearest village, and with that delicious small sandals and chains you'll hardly move a footstep on the sands, and think of what could happen if a caravan of excited bedouins would meet you!"
The girls helped her standing up, with a delicious concert of several chains jingle, and accompanied her to the local blacksmith. Her hands and feet still ached, but the pain was far, remote, as if it belonged to what was the body of Linda before coming there, as if her limbs had got used to the idea of sharing all the time their identity with that chains. While walking, she caught the glimpse of her friend Mary: she was encircled by other girls who was giving her instructions. Mary too was wearing heavy chains, and was screaming, crying like a baby, trying to escape, but it was all clearly useless. They look each other, and Mary had an imploring face, as if she expected some help Linda could not give her; but Linda did not say anything, and went away.
A mixed feeling of fear and pleasure of the mystery she was going to face crossed her mind. Now she was really a slave, a complete slave. She knew she would never flee from the emir's harem, and nobody would never search for her. She absolutely did not care about Mike, her friends, her work and her country she probably would never see again. Now she was a real slave, and she would prove the pleasure of belonging completely and all the time to a man, of living for her Master's pleasure and nothing else, until He only wanted her. She started feeling a deep, obscure, arcane pleasure filling up her mind: the pleasure of masochism. She decided to enjoy all that new sensations to the bottom of them.

RC from Rome