The Elomi Language

Version 2

Last update: 2006-02-28

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Dialogue 1:

Illustrating the perils of literally translating idiomatic English expressions into Elomi:

axukya ixena afenyekofa:
uwe ate epo epa ameto uso elo alelunyafale
Ms. Shen (a visitor):
Can you tell me how to find the train station?
iluka afenyalu:
Luka (a local):
axukya ixena:
i... oxe a, o epa
Ms. Shen:
Well...tell me, please.
o esi amape a, ameto alo
Look at a map. That's how.

One hopes that in future, Ms. Shen will simply say:

alelunyafale uma alu anke a, oxe Where is the train station, please?

Dialogue 2:

Illustrating the perils of doing business with a smart-alec:

axukya ixena:
oxe a, ami emolu akanyapute onxemwa enyewexuma oyoke
Ms. Shen:
I would like an inexpensive perfume that smells nice.
enfe a, amixa emi awatwi akanyapute enyewexuma oyonxo
Sorry, we only have perfumes that smell bad.
axukya ixena:
i... ate omusi ayo
Ms. Shen:
Oh! You are very funny!
awa e epa anyotu
Yes. And truthful too.

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