The Konya Language

Copyright © 2005 Larry Sulky

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Change history

2005-03-05: Version 031.

  1. First public release.

2005-03-12: Version 032.

  1. Changed letter-naming scheme from waha, beba, ceca etc. to a, ba, ca etc., with mandatory prefix yi-.

2005-06-14: Version 033.

  1. Removed phoneme represented by c.
  2. Changed compounding hyphen from wa to n.
  3. Removed apostrophe as schwa placeholder.
  4. Abandoned dropping of a in most situations.
  5. Changed some functionals and functional series.
  6. Changed some vocabulary.
  7. Reversed usual order of lexemes within compound words.
  8. Loosened guidelines on creating compound words.
  9. Added "Additional vocabulary" section.

2005-06-25: Version 034.

  1. Added considerable vocabulary, much of it based on Jeffrey Henning's language, Kali-sise (with his permission, though he indicates that he has placed it in the public domain anyway).
  2. Added a comment concerning plural pronouns, per Steve Rice's comments.
  3. Corrected terminology concerning progressive tense, gerund, and present participle, per Steve Rice's comments.
  4. Clarified and corrected discussion of intransitive, reflexive, and transitive verbs, per comments from Steve Rice and Dana Nutter.
  5. Added active and passive participle forms, as well as gerund form.
  6. Reworked impersonal verbs.
  7. Changes to existing vocabulary:
    1. Preference: lu becomes su = person
    2. Preference: loka becomes lu = position, location
    3. Duplication: xoxanpoka is deleted in favour of existing tixa = few
    4. Duplication: tesana = design, plan and pilana = plane (geometric)
    5. Duplication: lona = only, lone and leha = length
    6. Duplication: lena is deleted in favour of existing lenyuna = learning
    7. Duplication: koma is deleted in favour of existing komyuna = eating
    8. Duplication: kusa = cuisine
    9. Improper compound formation: hintokyu becomes hiyu = agree

2005-07-09: Version 035.

  1. Improper compound formation: names of days and months are inverted to conform to newer compounding rules
  2. Preference: changed words for numbers per approved recommendation: Words for 0 and 1 are not changed.
  3. Development: removed h, added stressed diphthongs ai and au.
  4. Correction: word order of measurement examples changed.
  5. Correction: incorrect formation of names of months and days of the week.
  6. Correction: various duplications removed.
  7. Predicate versus functional: reworked measurement mechanisms.
  8. Predicate versus functional: reworked comparisons to use simpler, more robust functionals.
  9. Improper phrase formation: teka wa kila becomes tekankila = tens of thousands.
  10. Development: heavily reworked prepositions to be lexically correlated with verbs, per approved recommendation. Changed rolls of various "w-" functionals (not just prepositions) in support of this rework.
  11. Development: passive prepositions.
  12. Development: reciprocal verbs.
  13. Development: superlatives.
  14. Duplication: xepyu = to help; deleted xepa = sheep.
  15. Duplication: fulyu = to want; deleted fula = sphere.
  16. Duplication: xela = degree Celsius; lai = conceptualised, generalised.
  17. Correction: yexala = because, to be parallel to other conjunctions.
  18. Development: changed form of letter names and their use in identifiers.

2005-07-23: Version 036.

  1. Recommendation: dropped use of impersonal pronoun with impersonal verbs.
  2. Recommendation: adapted ya as a vocative case marker.
  3. Development: adapted si more clearly as an emphatic particle.
  4. Corrected: morphology for alcohol and carpenter in lexicon file.
  5. Adopted: vocabulary additions / changes from proposed Babel text. (See message #48).
  6. Adopted: vocabulary additions / changes for miscellaneous words: excess and related words; set; toe; salt; garlic. (See message #48).
  7. Adopted: vocabulary changes for miscellaneous words: feces, excrement; to stop. (See message #63).
  8. Adopted: vocabulary additions / changes for miscellaneous words: bad, poor. (See message #69).

2005-09-10: Version 037.

  1. Recommendation: changed morphotactics and phonotactics. This is a major revision; Konya is now largely bisyllabic, with final vowels indicating grammatical roles. Concommitantly added concept of short lexicals.
  2. Recommendation: changed copula to a functional.
  3. Development: changed clause-ending marker to generic "wo" instead of matching clause-beginning and clause-ending markers.
  4. Development: added concept of interjections as distinct lexical classes.
  5. Development: changed terminology "predicate" to "lexical" to be parallel to "functional" and to allow use of "predicate" in its normal sense.

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