Hao Hwan Inc.


Industrial Brakes/Clutches

Hao-Hwan's powder, disk, and air brakes/clutches are designed for tension control of most winding systems.
Air and disk brakes/clutches- air-operated system - Shafts or rolls are actuated or stopped by the action between air pressure and lining/disk. No residual air pressure is asked to conquer springs or other retracting devices. Every minimum of air is used for predetermined torque resistance or tension environment.
Powder brakes/clutches-electromagnetic powder-operated system - When the coil is excited, attraction force tends to stiffen due to the flux strength and the powder is attracted, so that torque is transmitted during continuous slipping. Thus, even an ounce of powder can be fully controlled by precise current flow around brake and clutch to actuate or stop the action of web Powder brakes/clutches provide many features such as a wide and easy torque control, stable slip torque and a large allowable continuous-slip heat-dissipation
rate etc.

1.Electromagnetic powder clutch & brake



Electromagnetic powder clutch & brake


Electromagnetic powder clutch & brake Specification:

TYPE Rated turning distance  Kg-m Weight (Kg) Weight of powder (g) Maximum number of turns Voltage
PB-5 Brake 5 17 50 1000

(max. rpm)


DC 0~24V
PB-10 Brake 10 38 105
PB-20 Brake 20 59 160
PC-5 Clutch 5 19 50
PC-10 Clutch 10 42 105
PC-20 Clutch 20 64 160








TYPE Length Width Height Tap holes DISC THICKNESS Operate pressure Max.Operate pressure Discharge Oil Volume
850-213-10 150mm 122.2mm 85.2mm M12xP1.75 10mm 50kg/cm2 70kg/cm2 2.5cc
850-213-20 150mm 132.2mm 94.2mm M12xP1.75 20mm 50kg/cm2 70kg/cm2 2.5cc



TYPE Pressure rate Cylinder size Length Max.Operate pressure (Air Inlet Kg/Cm2)
DB-3223T 1 : 7 2" 273mm 7
DB-3243T 1 : 22 4" 296mm 5










KAB-110 / 120


TYPE Length Cylinder size USABLE DISC DIA DISC THICKNESS Max.Operate pressure Pressure rate Cylinder  area Weight
KAB-110- 4 263mm 141.5mm 200~800





1.83 78.5cm2 7kg
KAB-110- 5 281mm 176.5mm 10mm 143cm2 7.5kg
KAB-120- 4 263mm 141.5mm 20mm 78.5cm2 7kg
KAB-120- 5 281mm 176.5mm 20mm 143cm2 7.5kg
KAB-210- 4 225mm 141.5mm 10mm 0.74 78.5cm2 4kg
KAB-210- 5 225mm 176.5mm 10mm 143cm2 4.5kg




Hao-Hwan's brakes and clutches are designed for exact tension control system where webs are unwound/rewound from rolls of material, for webs such as paper, films, rubber, textiles and foils.


 1.  Low Price
Easy Operation
Fit to Automation Control
Operating Sensitively, and  Wide and Easy Torque Control
 5.  Stable Slip Torque
 6.  A Large Allowable Continuous-Slip Heat-Dissipation Rate