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James M. Hannan Division
James M. Hannan Division

Let the Adventure Begin!
Let the Adventure Begin!
Let the Adventure Begin!

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History of the USNSCC History of the USNSCC

      Sea Cadet organizations exist in most of the maritime nations of the world. Recognizing the value of these organizations in educating youth in maritime matters, the Department of the Navy requested the Navy League to establish a similar program for American youth. The Navy League agreed to do so and formally established the Naval Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) and Navy League Cadet Corps (NLCC) in 1958.

      The basic objectives of both programs are: (1) to help young Americans become more patriotic and responsible citizens, and (2) to help young Americans understand the role of the maritime services in national defense and in maintaining the economic viability of our nation.

      On September 10, 1962, the NSCC was federally incorporated by Congress under Public Law 87-655 as a non-profit civilian education organization, a legal entity separate from the Navy League. This law was later amended to permit enrollment of young women in the Corps. The objectives and purposes of the NSCC as in this law (as amended) are: "...through organization and cooperation with the Department of the Navy, to encourage and aid American youth to develop, train them in seagoing skills, and to teach them patriotism, courage, self-reliance and kindred virtues."

     Today, the NSCC has formed partnerships with organizations such as the Foundation for Teaching Economics and the Flying Midshipman Association to offer cadets broader opportunities in areas of leadership and aviation.   The NSCC also took an active part in the creation of the International Sea Cadet Association (ISCA).   The ISCA is an association of Sea Cadet Corps' from around the world, whose main objective is to facilitate exchanges of cadets between member countries.

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