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My 411

Name: Leng Thao Jin/Hanzo

Status: ... *sigh...

Ethnicity: Hmong pride

DOB: December 17, 1983 u thought I was younger huh?

Zodiac: Sagittarius bad luck?

Birth place: Long Beach, CA 4 life

Height: 5'5"/5'6" short eh?

Weight: 125-135 I'm not sure... :P

Number: 17 seem fimiliar?

School: Sacramento State University California CSUS

Life Style: Exciting or boring...

Goals: Have fun wats the point of life if ur not?sub>

Quote: Enjoy life and never regret although the regret part is kinda impossible...

Interests: well... the first one everyone should know... hehehe :P, the nexts... life, the universe, partiez, gamez, sportz, tennis, soccer and much much more much much much more...

yea... CHECK US OUT!!! :P

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