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Still under construction

Now playing Bardot - ASAP


I'm currently doing com/sci at melb uni, used to go to mckinnon & mhs.  For other info about me, look me up on icq, # starts with 5

If u sign guestbook, dun bag my website! i know it's crap, but i cant b stuffed...


21/12/2005 - Woow, being a looooong time since i updated this.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
                    - got a domain! www.howmean.com.  Thanks sammy!!

14/8/04 - This's not a blog, but i'm gotta say: uni sux - too much work!!
                I might add frames to this page, when I could be bothered, of course.
                Updated background, sound and improvised some settings (search engine still doesnt work - I've given up on it)

3/8/04 And the Deez takes the top spot on the ladder! For the first time in some 40 years, I might add... mighty effort by the boys

23/5/04 Taking pre-emptive action - made a disclaimer, just incase ppl want to delete this site for plagiarism.

17/1/04 Just got back from the planetshaker's conference.  It was awesome!  It was a life changing experience for many youths.

3/12/03 Finally exams are over!  So now i got time to finish the webpage.

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Boy, you really broke through the bottom on this one. You are SO not geek. I recommend staying away from conventions, computer stores, colleges, universities, or anywhere else people might display the slightest interest in something other than what's on TV at the present moment. Your mere presence among geeks of any degree is incredibly dangerous to the continued existence of the known universe. Here, I'll say it slow so you can understand: Anti-geek + Geek = Big Boom. Now go read a book, for god's sake.  No offence!

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Here's some miscellaneous websites I made many years ago (still updating the kof2001 webpage)

Hepatitis B For those who want to copy for a project, or just for information
King of fighters 99 An arcade game, also out on PC, dreamcast, PS, PS2
King of Fighters 2000 sequel to kof99, better game play...

King of Fighters 2001

Better webpage than the other ones, coz some of it's borrowed (search for 'king of fighters 2001' in google!!)
disclaimer Just in case I get sued for plagiarism - read my disclaimer first!
Other junk  
Post-war Iraq essay For year 12 issues essay
Bill of Rights  
testing page  

Other links (I didn't make these ones)

Christian Answers An intriguing and interesting site about Christianity, illustrates many issues today, such as teenage stress, drinking, emotions such as jealousy, and lots more.  Has many profound compositions.  Suitable for everybody, whether Christian or not.


What do you think of child labour?
Australian Mathematics Trust
Illusions Great illusions...  need flash to run
Ultimate IQ test
New Age Movement
Sodomite Steamroller Buggers Again - The Conspiracy Unfolds Uncovering US government conspiracies in terms of federal income tax.  For intellectuals


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