Hap Call and His Girls Website
A lot has happened since I last updated this page. I'm now divorced, Lindsey's in high school, Katie's in middle school, and Allie's almost finished with elementary school. Times flies and life moves on!
Lindsey and I on the Spring '07 Hill Country Ride on the new ZRX1200R. Lindsey now has her motorcycle license.
Allie Yesterday - she and I on a Holloween Hay ride...I was tired and she was buzzed on candy!
Below are some pictures I took in Spring 2001. Lindsey was 11, Katie was 7, and Allie was 5. Seems like only yesterday but so much has changed. I'm truly blessed to be the father of these girls.
Allie today. Here is a great picture taken by Lindsey.
Yeah, this is Katie, my little Drama Queen! Active in school, great grades and sweet as honey!
Lindsey's grown up to be a beautiful young lady. She's thinking about college these days, possibly majoring in psychology.
The Beast - My 1981 GS1100E - Still a handful that will surprise a CBR1000RR
This is a picture of a fine group of young men on OP Phantom. We are the FISTERS from the 1/133 FA out of Houston Texas. I am the middle guy in the front row
I would not recommend a link unless it had merit...I don't like to waste my time or yours but two great links are below:
Scotty's Link page - A kind of one-stop-shop for all the good humor that come from a slightly deranged group of GS riders!
More information than you would ever believe on the Suzuki GS line of motorcycles from the small GS125 to the brutal GS1150...The GS Resources.
This is a M109A5 155 Self Propelled Howitzer that belongs to a firing battery in the 1/133 FA
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