Acceptance letters

These two types of letters are intended to inform the successful candidate,
the details about their future employment, should they accept.

An Acceptance letter should include the following information:

Rejection Letters

An unsuccessful candidate letter will thank the candidate for coming in for an interview. The goal of this letter is to thank the candidate for coming for an interview, and to wish them luck in their employment search. These letters are becoming less and less common for candidates to receive by mail and being replace by email, if at all.

Below is an examples of letter sent to unsucessful candidates.
19th of February 1998

ACB Company
Canloops BC

Dear Zek,

Thank you for taking the time to express yor interest in the Client Representative position with ACB Company. Although we are impressed with your background and qualifications we are unable  to offer you an interview at time time, as the position has been filled. This is not a reflection on your skills and abilities,  but a desire to select the most appropriate person form many qualified a candidates.

Your resume will be kept on file for six months so that your qualifications may be reviewed for future openings should they occur.

Again thank you for your interest in ABC Company and we wish you every success in your future endeavours.


President of ACB Company
Mr. Randle Smith


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