Planning a Recruitment Drive

This section will provide you with the tools and knowledge to understand the process of recruitment, which is commonly used by professionals. the information is gathered using Job Sepcifications, Selection Factors & Job Descriptions.

What does the recruiter need to know before starting a campaign?

1. Specific skills, knowledge, and attributes a competent employee would have in this position.
2. Knowledge of the hiring process.
3. Legislative issues

The recruiter should ask this one important question: “What skills, knowledge and attributes would a competent employee have for this position?”

Asking the above question will provide the necessary information for the recruiter to complete the job specifications for a specific position.

Job Specification: statements, which provide a description of the position’s major task/responsibilities. Specifications help to provide the recruiter with details about which skills, qualifications and attributes they are going to be looking for when they are reviewing the résumés.

Selection Factors: are four or five specific knowledge, and behaviours which can be found in your past experiences. These experiences can provide the recruiter with a window into your potential for success in this position.

Job Description: is a typically a form which is completed before the recruitment begins. The job description should include the following information:

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