Screening the Applicants

Screening can take on many forms. Using the information gathered through Job Descriptions or Job Specifications and Selection factors, the recruiter can create a listing of key areas, which they can look for while reviewing your résumé. Here are some typical areas, which a recruiter would be looking for on your résumé and covering letter.

One of the most common methods of first contact is through a telephone interview.  Typically, if you are asked for a telephone interview, you have made it through the initial stage(s) of screening and the recruiter is looking for clarification of the information you provided in the covering letter and résumé. As well, the recruiter might be looking to conduct a mini-interview with a listing of questions, which are common for all applicants. Always remember that the recruiter generally has the ability to decline your application at any time during the telephone interview. Usually, a good recruiter should know in the first five if your application should go to the next step.

Why would a company want to do a telephone interview first? Cost. Telephone interivews is the lest costly method of screening an applicant and can gather the most amount of information from the applicant in the shortest amount of time.

Here are a few tips given to recruiters when they are conducting the telephone interview:

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