Konnichi wa Minna-San!!! Welcome to Happy To Be Hentai!!  Just exactly what is all this you ask, well...It's not an actual Hentai site, so if your looking for that I suggest you go elsewhere.  AnyHoo what this site is all about is just having a little fun and helping to link fellow hentais' to other sites and to one another!!  That's right!  Another silly little link-back banner site!!  So if you're a Hentai at heart and Damn Proud of it...You've come to the right place!!! What exactly are you saying by putting a 'Happy To Be Hentai' banner on your site? NO, you're NOT saying you're a pervert or your site is full of hentai, you're just telling your fellow anime fans that a little Lemon-Lime content in your fanstuffs makes your day a bit more fun!! More Hentai!!  Now this is not to say if your site IS purely hentai that you can't place a banner on your site, just let me know if it is when submitting your link so I can make everyone else aware of this-just in case a hentai site is not what they're looking for.  Well now, Let's get started and Go Hentai!!  First thing you wanna do is choose a banner from our 'banners' page, then save it to your hard-drive.  Next just post it anywhere you like to show off the fact that you're A Happy Hentai Follower and link it back to this main page!!  http://www.oocities.org/happy_to_be_hentai/   Then, if you wish E-Mail me to say you've added a banner to your site and give me your URL, it will be posted in our Happy Hentais' link section and you're all Done!!  Sound like fun?  It gets better!!  If you don't see a banner you'd like to use, Create your own and sumbit it to me!!  I'll post it in the banners section and YES don't worry I'll give you the proper credit for it!!  Well that's about all my fellow Hentais' , So GO ON, be a Hentai and be Happy about it!!!
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