The Beevre Sisters!
Look at Harry's Girls Now!


   Dixie Jeanne "LUCKY" Beevre  

Lucky at 33 is our oldest sister. She's intelligent, a leader, and an avid photographer who took most of the photos on our homepage. Click on her name to learn more about her.


   Marcia Ellen "HAPPY" Beevre  

Happy is 28 and our middle sister. She's impossible! She's young. She's Fun. She's a flirt. And she's a cheeky little thing. Click on her name to learn more about her.


   Lucinda Anne "BABY"   

Baby, of course, is our youngest sister. She's 21, doesn't care much for web stuff but allowed us to tell you her story here. Click on her name to learn more about her.


Facts Concerning All of Us

Although we all have the same father (Thanks Harry) we each have a different mother, none of whom we've seen since soon after our birth.

We've all been home-schooled.

Baby lives in our doublewide Redman in a trailer park in Apache Junction, Arizona with friends while she attends school. Harry bought the doublewide for Lucky when she passed her High School exams and we all moved in with her as soon as we could. Lucky & Cherry and Jenn & I now live in the shadow of the Superstition Mountains in a home we recently purchased.

Here's a map of our backyard. The mountains and the lakes you see here are our playground. They are our church, our recreation, and in some cases - our reason for being.

Our last name is actually pronounced Beev-'ray but NO body says it that way. They all call us Beaver, of course. Our father went through hell with his name when he was in school. Still does I imagine. He felt giving us our nicknames would build character and put some fight in us. (Thanks again, Harry). We never use our real names other than on legal papers. At times it's been a struggle, at other times fun, but we've become closer as sisters through it all so we look at our names as a connection to who we really are.

Our sincere thanks to all those who took the trouble to look us up!

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