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News Tuesday, 7 January, 2003 - Webby

The new web site is HERE

News Tuesday, 5 November, 2002 - Webby

The web site is coming soon... getting closer!

News Saturday, 26 October, 2002 - Webby

Man O man, is this project taking forever to finish. Look at the last update, July... lol how slow is it taking me! I am so sorry. I can't wait until the web site is finished though. It has another new URL and more updates. I am still working on it and will continue to until it is finished, until next time, stay safe.

News Thursday, July 25, 2002 - Webby

Hey all you boys, the new web site is almost up and running, you can have a sneak peak if you really want to. Just click here to view the new web site, please take time to vote on the web site poll to when your there. Thats all from me until the new web site is totally up and running... cya then.

News Saturday, July 13, 2002 - Webby

Been an extremely long time but the new web site is almost done... going to be about a week maybe more maybe less now, its so much better than this one trust me.

News Monday, May 13, 2002 - Webby

Hey guys, sorry its been a while I am still working on the new design it should be up pretty soon I have also changed the name. Its going to be a whole new web site I guess, well the same but with extras.

Enjoy the web site!

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