January 2003 Deja-Brew Club Meeting

Officers stayed the same.  Everyone was busy paying their dues, then we went to Stags Head for libations and food, and promptly got 4 beers and a diet cokes spilled over us!  What a way to get our first meeting of the year going good.

It was decided that we would have some club priorities for 2003:
1. At least one entry from each member in Dixie Cup
2. Invite at least one new person to attend a meeting
3. More brewing info, either in a news letter or the web site.

A good crowd enjoyed the beer of the month plus brews from Jesse, Tim and Brian.

                Great Divide hibernating ale
                Avery Brewing Ellis Brown ale
                Rogue buckwheat ale
                McTarnahans Oregon honey beer   ( a dog)
                Young's Waggledance honey beer

February beer of the month is barley wine & mead
If you are travelling and can bring back a few new brews to try, please do so.

Some possible club activities include:

  • hockey game  
    • 2/9, 2/13, 2/15, 2/16 are possibilities. Contact Gary to let him know which date(s) you would like.
  • tailgate at Rice baseball game  
    • Tim Jenkins to coordinate (welcome back to Houston Tim)
  • crawfish boil  
    • mid to late March possibly at Jess and Dawns if no one else volunteers.  All suggestions on when, where are welcome!
  • golf tournament
    • New location? Bob to find out if any other course available cheap and allow beer.  
      prizes -- look for anything that can be donated for prizes -- hit up everybody.  Let Dawn know, she volunteered to be the prize commitee.  
Gary and Luanne  will be having a Super Bowl party on the 26th.  All are welcome, just RSVP to let us know you are coming. Chili, wings, and munchies (maybe a little brew, too).
Club Contact Information

Updated:  January 12, 2003