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Here you can find the items we offer, and who our staff is, and you can even make a request for an item. This giveaway was started on Animal Crossing Community, and that is our home base. This is just something extra we thought, that we would offer. If you would like to request something then just sign the guest book, or go to acc and looks us up on the giveaway board. Oh and by the way if you were wondering... All the music on this site is by Switchfoot. Also if you look hard enough you maybe able to find a hiden link on this page.
Catalog page
The catalog page has a list of all the items we offer
This page is updated once a week
Staff Page
The Staff page has a list of who works here
You can also request items, by signing the guest book
This site is under construction
so check back soon
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Gracie says:
Your missing out on some Hot finds if you don't come here!