I'd rather say password retrieving than hotmail account hacking, anyway it all depends on the user himself!
If you try to log on to an email account and you don't know the password
user name: gladiator
definitely you will be denied but if you take a look at the(URL)address box in your browser you will see something probably similar to:-

Of course these characters mean something!
If you have a hotmail account and you want to get the password of your friend's account do this:-
1-log on to your account
2- click on "Options"
3- got to "Secret Question"
4- type in your password in the first box then type "Hotmail accounts administration"in the second box( new secret question),
in the last box ( new secret answer) type "Authentication approved"
then click on OK.
you will get a message of "Your Secret Question/Answer has been successfully changed. Please remember your new Secret Answer"
press Ok and go back to your Inbox.
Now you will have to go to the hotmail log on page again
1-type in the user name you want to retrieve the lost password for
2- in the password box type any no. or characters because you don't know the correct password then press Signe In
of course you will be denied and you will get a message in the address box similar to the one at the top
3- cut and paste the message to file where you can save it and remember the file name because you will need it e.g. name the file as (error message).
4- go back to the hotmail log on page and log on to your account.
5-click on compose.
6- cut and paste the message you saved in the file ( error message) in as a new message
7- in the To: box type
8- in the Subject box type the email account you want to retrieve the password for and press on Send.
9- go back to your Inbox again and click on compose
10- type again in the to: box.
type your password in the subject: box then press on send.
The hotmail server will treat you as one of the hotmail administration and it will send you the password within 24 hours.

And Please NOTE: this is for educational purposes only!

By : -Anonymous-

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