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My name is Logan Shu. I am currently commuting to UCI(University of California, Irvine) as an ICS(Information and Computer Science) major. My birthday is October 7, 1983. My hobbies are composing music, playing tennis and ping pong, programming, and of course, playing computer games such as Counterstrike.

I have been called: Log, Loogie, Log on, Login, Low Gun, Logmeister, Nagol(Logan backwards), Logan Man, Big L, Lolo, Lofa(I accidentally typed it when I was typing my name), Lorgan, Morgan, and George(dunno where that came from). I also have been mistaken as a 6th grader.

Stuff that has my name in it: Logan Airport(yes, the one where terrorists hijacked Flight 11), Logan City in Utah, Ohio, and West Virginia, Logan County in Ohio, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Illinois, Logan Elementary School, Middle School, James Logan High School, Logan College of Chiropractic, Logan Museum of Anthropology, Logan Regional Hospital, Logan Inn, Logan Fire Company, Logan Software, Logan Botanical Garden, a movie called Logan's Run, and many other stuff... hehe

Random Stuff
Canada Trip Scenery Pictures Aug 16-25

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Recent Updates

9/26/03 - Added Reason composition "There's Still Hope"
- Added link to Irvine Chinese Hiking Club (ICHC) site
- Moved my mp3s to irvinechc.org and linked them to my site to save
bandwidth :)
2/21/03 - Added new Cakewalk composition "Unnamed"
1/07/03 - Added dream "Snake"
- Added dream "Ice Cream Final"
- Added dream "Another Ice Cream Dream"
10/19/02 - Added FruityLoops composition "RealTrance"
4/4/02 - Added link to Angel's page "Iitenshi"
3/27/02 - Added dream "Sinking Ship"
- Added dream "Wierd Race"
3/14/02 - Added dream "The Matrix"
3/13/02 - Posted my mp3s on mp3.com and linked them to my site so I won't
use my site's bandwidth :)
3/11/02 - Added link to Kevin Wong's page "Rice For Thought"
3/2/02 - Added dream "Random Dream"
- Added FruityLoops composition "Acid"
- Removed FruityLoops version of "With You Forever"
because it takes too much bandwidth
2/28/02 - Added link to Michelle Lam's page "Avarine"
2/10/02 - Added link "Useless facts"
2/8/02 - Added Geocities banner to my home page cuz my counter doesn't work
if i take the banner off :(
1/25/02 - Removed Geocities banner ads from my site :)
1/24/02 - Added Guestbook
1/16/02 - Added dream "Polish vs Germans"
- Added dream "Tarzan Family and Evil Cowboy"
1/14/02 - Added Fruityloops version of "With You Forever" on compositions page
- Added poem lyrics to "Evening on the Moselle"
- Added event list for "Forest" composition
1/4/02 - Added dream "Evil Army Commander"
12/31/01 - Added Cakewalk composition "With You Forever"
12/14/01 - Added "Funnies" site in links page
12/7/01 - Added Cakewalk composition "Forest"
11/19/01 - Added Cakewalk composition "Modal"
- Added Cakewalk composition "Evening on the Moselle"
- Added Cakewalk composition "Murder"
- Added Cakewalk composition "Charlie Chaplin"
11/15/01 Logan's Page of Happyhead created!!!

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Email: Hotmail - happyhead83@hotmail.com
??? ? UCI mail - lshu@uci.edu
AIM: mushu100783